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Welcome to my new website  created , to present my services and  showcase some of the best suppliers and products (both OS&E and FF&E) for luxury hotel projects .

The resources section  can be used for guidance  by   of hotel operators, owners, project consultants and developers.

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My name is Robert Dunn and I am an  independent  procurement consultant, specialising in   pre-opening operating supplies and equipment (OS&E), for international hotel projects. With over twenty years of multi brand experience, working on over one hundred projects, I  have a thorough knowledge of the sector, and understand the problems and  know how to solve them.   I  provide real solutions that will lead to the results the Client  seeks. The key is knowing how to take the right decisions, and that is why you need me, in order to offer you the resources and advice that, I as a specialist in the sector, can offer

In general I  focus on the overseas procurement of equipment ie goods imported by the Client.  I act on behalf of the Client , offering a one-stop procurement service,  focusing in the acquisition of hotel merchandise, for the Client’s direct purchase.  I  help ensure products are competitively priced, conform to standards and delivered on time.

In essence my service enables clients , to manage their own local procurement activities, with the support of an experienced specialist.

Clients  leverage not only large amounts of spend but also product and supplier expertise, not typically found in a procurement department.

I often work with local strategic partners  like logistics companies, architects, developers, procurement agents or hotel operators.

Introduce yourself by typing your email address in the box on the contact page.

Where am I based?

In  UK &  France. My suppliers are international.

Web Based Procurement Service

My service is  web based  as projects, and stakeholders are usually in diverse locations.

Past Hotel Project Operators

Hilton, Conrad, Hilton Garden Inn, Scandic, Le Meridien, Sheraton, Four Points, Marriott Courtyard, AC Hotels,  Novotel, Intercontinental (Regent Hotels), Viceroy ,Langham Hotels

Location of Past Projects

I have worked on projects  in UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Montenegro, Malta, Romania,    Greece, Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Vietnam,  Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Bali.


I am looking for an associate ,  with whom I can collaborate on projects.  My speciality is  the OS&E so the associate may be a FF&E specialist.   This  strategic alliance would  allow us to share our  expertise and resources in order to provide a procurement solution for  our customers.

As part of my service I would provide detailed lists of equipment lists, guidance on standards and tender process focusing on the overseas procurement of OS&E equipment ie goods imported by the Client.


Local Project Partner

I often provide procurement services with a local strategic partner on a project by project basis. The basis for a partnership is commitment to quality, local representation and added value for both parties. Partnerships tend to span multiple projects over a number of years.

My local partners organize the importation, advise on local standards, coordinate logistics, receive and present samples to the owner and organize delivery and installation in the hotel.

Examples of local partners are: FF&E companies, logistics companies, local designer, developers.

If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities then email me at [email protected]


 Procurement Services (OS&E)  For Hotel Projects

Products to Five Star Hotel Standards
Direct from a Global Network of Suppliers Often at Factory Prices

Option 1 

Masterlist for New Hotel 

Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E)

Corresponding to hotel’s classification.  

Sorted by hotel department.

With par coefficients, quantities and generic descriptions.

Guidance on international brands and manufacturers.

Download the following:

Step1-1 RDunn OSE Scope Oct 2018 V1

Step1-2 Area questionnaire   

OS& E Scope Document  to be agreed with Client.

Area questionnaire to be completed by Client.



Option 2 

Procurement Support

Includes Tender process/quotations 

For those items imported by Client

BOQs created by category  (using my masterlists system   or customers own lists).

Use of Online Showcase of five star products to identify  products to be included in process.

Adhok Quotations for Guestrooms FF&E and OS&E

Minimum order 100 guestrooms .

Guidance on FF&E for guestrooms


  • In essence I introduce the Client to the  manufacturer(s) thus helping ensure best value for money and quality products.
  • The manufacturers quote direct to the Client.
  • The tender process, due diligence, procurement,  logistics and installation is   by the Client.
  • The furniture is manufactured according to designs supplied by the Client.


  • Scope


  • Headboards (upholstered or not)
  • Wardrobes , TV units
  • Desks, Luggage units
  • Wooden free-standing units
  • Possibly curtain rods, skirting
  • Lights, seating, upholstered sofas

Public Area:

  • Bars, Reception counters
  • Hot, cold buffets for restaurant
  • Free-standing wooden units, Screens
  • Architraves, Wall cladding
  • Pillar cladding
  • Benches
  • skirting
  • Possibility of lights,  chairs and armchairs, upholstered sofas

Shipyard business (ferries)

  • All wooden furniture for passengers’’ cabins
  • All wooden scope for Public Area
  • Does not normally include:lights,carpet  chairs and armchairs, upholstered sofas


  • Please note, that I am not a supplier but facilitate the contact  between  buyers and suppliers (introduce).  The manufacturer/supplier is solely responsible for the sale of the products and observing any responsibilities in respect to contract, information and customer rights.   The  contract (or order) is concluded only between the buyer(member or Client) and the supplier, should they (the buyer)  choose to accept their offer.


Option 3  

Support service (OS&E)

For hotel operators or developers with multiple projects.

Showcase of Product Ideas for Hotel Projects.
From a Global Network of Suppliers
Suppliers Introduced to Buyers.


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If suppliers  do not wish their products to be showcased (to my Hotel Project Clients)  then they should advise me by email  and I will remove their products.

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My Project Wishlist   

Please note, that I am not a supplier but facilitate the contact  between  buyers and suppliers (introduce).  The manufacturer/supplier is solely responsible for the sale of the products and observing any responsibilities in respect to contract, information and customer rights.   The  contract (or order) is concluded only between the buyer(member or Client) and the supplier, should they (the buyer)  choose to accept their offer. Buyer must confirm with the supplier that the goods conform to local regulations and local hotel regulations eg electrical, fire, safety, food  and  hygiene.

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Resources for Hotel Operators

The documents listed in the Resources  are for use by Clients and their Buyers and Purchasing Managers working on hotel projects. In essence they are  a collection of draft documents which were used for past  hotel projects. They include processes, procedures, schedules and general information.They may be  of use  if adapted to the needs of the new projects.

The materials contained do not constitute professional advice.

E-book Notes on Procurement for New Hotel Projects (OS&E )

Onsite Room with OS&E Samples

Presentation for Six Star Hotel

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