• Robert Dunn  acts  as an intermediary, and is not a party to the contract between the Buyer (e.g. Client or user of site) and the Supplier and will not have rights or obligations under it.
  • The Supplier/Manufacturer is solely responsible for the sale of the products and  observing any responsibilities in respect to contract, order terms and conditions,  information and customer rights.
  • The  contract (or order) is concluded  between the Buyer (eg Client or user of site) and the Supplier, should they (the Buyer)  choose to accept their offer.
  • Due diligence should be carried out by Buyers to confirm that suppliers are financially secure, have international quality control processes in place, have good references and history, and products
    have conformed to all appropriate  hotel standards including fire, safety, electrical, food and hygiene standards with appropriate certification.
  • The Buyer  should  confirm with the Supplier that the goods conform to appropriate international and  local regulations relating to  hotels eg fire, safety, electrical, food  and  hygiene with appropriate certification.
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