Masterlists and Standards for New Luxury Hotels and Resorts | Hotel Equipment Services | Robert Dunn

Masterlists and Standards for New Luxury Hotels and Resorts

I offer a fee based service to new hotel operators that includes guidance on equipment standards, advice on international brands, input on customised standards manuals and excel OS&E masterlist workbooks for new projects. This enables owners and operators to procure their own equipment to the correct standards and correct quantities.

How do I work.
The basis for my service is a commitment to quality, design and service spanning multiple projects over a number of years.

My Services

  • Masterlist of equipment (OS&E) on excel or optional online (beta test) Alternatively I review the lists provided by the operator
  • Bills of quantities (BOQ) by supplier category for tendering purposes.
  • Guidance on international suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Guidance on luxury hotel standards & brands.
  • Guidance on lead times and order priorities.
  • Corporate deals with main brand suppliers.
  • Guidance on time and order priorites.
  • Tendering and procurement.
    Logistics normally by Client.
  • Benefits

  • Provides structure and control for the procurement process .
  • Product standards consistent across the hotel group.
  • Reflect the hotel brand image.
  • Competitive prices and service from suppliers .
  • Service for whom.

  • For those involved with large luxury international projects.
  • Including hotel owners, operators, local procurement agents, construction companies, developers , real estate specialists....
  • Ideal service for hotels in remote (from suppliers) locations and with decision makers in multiple locations.

  • How it works (In a nutshell)

  • Client completes area configuration questionnaire and scope of purchases document.
  • I review the hotel plans, room layouts & operating policies in terms of equipment needs.
  • Then prepare the lists of equipment (OS&E)for the Client to review.
  • Alternatively I review the lists provided by the operator.
  • I prepare the bills of quantities.
  • Organise samples of the main products for the Client and operator to review. (by Client)

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