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Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6,7&8

Procurement Process (OS&E).
To be adapted to the needs of the project.

Step 1   Kickoff  (by Robert/Client)

The procurement process begins with a review of the project brief. I then prepare a preliminary proposal.

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Step 2  Agree Contract.

Contract to be agreed with Client.

Scope of OS&E.

Order batches and time.


Step 3  Product standards, master-lists, budgets, BOQs.. (By Robert)

This stage requires input from the hotel, the operator, Client and  the designer.

Step 4 Competitive tender process.  By Client.

Selection of suppliers and products is normally through competitive tendering (normally 2-3 per main bid package)

Step 5  Orders.

 Purchase order and payments(by Client).


Step 6 Logistics

Pre-shipment inspection. (by Robert for EU/UK and or third party inspector)

Logistics. (by Client) who appoints  freight forwarder whose services includes:

Step 7 (G) Import/Clear goods;  Receipt of Goods (coordinated by Client’s local team)  through freight forwarder/local customs broker 

Installation (by Client’s local team/Hotel).  

It is essential that a strict control be exercised on the delivery of material to the project.

Step 8   Finalisation process. (by Client’s local team)

This  stage is required to verify quality and ensure that the procurement process is completed  and any issues  satisfactorily resolved.

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