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The Challenge

Don’t underestimate the complexity, diversity & quantity of equipment required for a new hotel.


  • Are you working on a new hotel project or resort?
  • Perhaps you are a hotel owner, hotel operator, developer  or local consultant.
  • Still to purchase the operating supplies and equipment(OS&E)?


Did You Know?

  •  The value of the operating equipment for large hotel projects can be many millions of Euros.
  •  New hotels often need over 4000 products, from over 50 suppliers, in many countries.
  •  Products must conform to international hotel quality and safety standards.
  •  Professional procurement will lead to significant savings.


My name is Robert Dunn and I am an  independent  procurement consultant, specialising in   pre-opening operating supplies and equipment (OS&E), for international hotel projects. With over twenty years of multi brand experience, working on over one hundred projects, I focus on the overseas procurement of equipment ie goods imported by the Client.  

I act on behalf of the Client , offering a one-stop procurement service,  focusing in the acquisition of hotel merchandise, for the Client’s direct purchase.  I  help ensure products are competitively priced, conform to standards and delivered on time.

In essence my service enables clients , to manage their own local procurement activities, with the support of an experienced specialist.

My extensive international experience enables the Client to leverage not only large amounts of spend but also product and supplier expertise, not typically found in a procurement department.

I often work with local strategic partners like logistics companies, developers, procurement agents or hotel operators. (more info)

Where am I based?

In  UK &  France. My suppliers are international.


Who is my service for?

International Hotel operators, owners, developers & procurement companies.

Strategic partner 

I often provide procurement services with a local strategic partner.  e.g.  logistics companies, developers, designers, FF&E procurement companies.

How do I charge ?

Normally a fixed fee is agreed with Client.


  • Complete Client confidentiality.
  • No hidden costs or commissions from suppliers.
  • Commitment to safety, quality and value.

My Procurement Package in a Nutshell

  • Preparation of  equipment (OS&E) lists (5000 items) with quantities.
  • Guidance on standards, suppliers & manufacturers .
  • Tender process   for  main OS&E ( those items imported by  Client).
  • Budget estimates, time management.
  • Ensure operators brand and supplier requirements are met .
  • Arrange samples.
  • Client   is responsible for placing orders, payments & logistics.

Web Based Procurement Service

My service is  web based  as projects, and stakeholders are usually in diverse locations.

Competitive tendering

  • The selection of suppliers & products is normally through competitive tendering ensuring best quality and value for money.
  • Local projects’ needs, terms and conditions are met, including delivery & installation dates.
  • Prequalified suppliers are agreed with Client (normally 2 or 3 per main bid package).  If project is to be fast-tracked (opening in less than 12 months) then single sourcing may be required.
  • The Client’s and or Operator’s own suppliers are included in the tender process.

About Suppliers and Manufacturers.

  • Provide high-quality, cost competitive products
  • Reliable  services.
  • Green in manufacturing process in terms of water usage, energy efficiency, sustainability of materials and effect on environment.
  • Most conform to ISO standards (9001 & 14001) & use western managed quality control systems.
  • Proven history of successful projects.

About Products and Brands.

  • Many products direct from international manufacturers.
  • Conform to operator’s brand and product standards.
  • Conform to international five star hotel standards.
  • Conform to local & national standards, codes and regulations.
  • Conform to fire, safety, health and hygiene and electrical standards BS EN ISO ANSI or local equivalent.
  • Green in terms of water usage, energy efficiency, and recycling reusing.
  • Balance of design, functionality and durability



  • Extensive multi brand hotel procurement experience within an international multi cultural environment.
  • References include Hilton International,  Conrad,  Viceroy Hotels, Starwood,  Regent Hotels, Le Meridien, Jumeirah and  Marriott.
  • Vast network (over 500) of trusted pre qualified international suppliers, manufacturers and specialists.
  • Product and brand expertise.
  • Web based service.


  • Competitive international prices direct from pre qualified manufacturers and suppliers. Savings are often more than  20% of local distributers prices.
  • Client leverages  product and supplier knowledge not found in a non specialist procurement department.
  • Hotel operators ensure consistent product brand standards.
  • Personalized and private service.
  •  Apply structure and control to the procurement process
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