Banquet Tables Oval and Rectangle in One from Australia


Hospitality was my dream. Waitering was the in-between.

What started as a stint in the room service department of the Hilton Melbourne in the 80’s, turned into a design juggernaut of amazing proportions.

And it all centered around the operating equipment – the never-ending bank of broken product lined up back of house. Quite simply labelled ‘out of order’.

I was inquisitive enough to ask why.
I was shocked to hear it’s as good as it gets.
They quietly smiled when I said I can do better.

Gathering the smartest engineers and the most curious manufacturers, operation ‘room service overhaul’ gathered momentum.

Within 6 months I presented draft 1 of, what is today, the most celebrated In Room Dining system in the world.

And that was the beginning of my interaction with expert hoteliers, forward-thinking venue operators and master-chefs of the world.

When Gerd craved something new in live cooking he looked to us.
When Massimo looked to push the boundaries of catering without restrictions he shared with us.
When Knud was ready to explore his new buffet ideas he found us.
When Georgio conceptualized his sophisticated butler service he approached us.
When Joe wanted to break new ground in meeting styles he relied on us.

We are proud, passionate designers who believe you deserve better…

Which brings us to our latest developmentsā€¦

Nick Polidoros
Director / Designer

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