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I often provide procurement services with a local strategic partner on a project by project basis.       The basis for a partnership is commitment to quality, local representation and added value for both parties. Partnerships tend to span multiple projects over a number of years.  These  strategic alliances allow us to share our valuable expertise and resources in order to provide better products and solutions to our customers.

As part of my service I provide detailed lists of equipment lists, guidance on standards and tender process focusing on the overseas procurement of equipment ie goods imported by the Client allowing the owner to place the orders and pay for the goods.

My local partners organize the importation, advise on local standards, coordinate logistics, receive and present samples to the owner and organize delivery and installation in the hotel.

Examples of local partners are: FF&E companies, logistics companies, local designer, developers.

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By Robert Dunn

  1. Overseas procurement  ie goods imported by the Client.
  2. Guidance on suppliers and manufacturers.
  3. Guidance on luxury hotel equipment standards and product brands.
  4. Guidelines on specifications   more info
  5. Budget estimates.
  6. Detailed customised OS&E lists (5000 items) on excel.  Alternatively  hotel operator’s lists used.
  7. Bill of quantities.
  8. Time management.
  9. Ensure operators brand and supplier requirements are met .
  10. Arrange samples.
  11. Tender process.
  12. Provide final purchase recommendations (PR) or PR-TBF (to be finalised by local partner with Hotel) .


Competitive tendering

  • The selection of suppliers & products is normally through competitive tendering ensuring best quality and value for money.
  • Local projects’ needs, terms and conditions are met, including delivery & installation dates.
  • Prequalified suppliers are agreed with Client (normally 2 or 3 per main bid package).  If project is to be fast-tracked (opening in less than 12 months) then single sourcing may be required.
  • The Client’s and or Operator’s own suppliers are included in the tender process.

By local  partner 

  1. Secures a procurement contract with the hotel Client.
  2. Local sourcing and local procurement.
  3. Procures local customised products including local uniforms.
  4. Liaises with local suppliers and distributers.
  5. Receives samples, presents to hotel operator & owner.
  6. Coordinates tabletop and room equipment presentation for the operator.
  7. Establishes if there are local codes & regulations which  OS&E must  conform to eg fire, safety and electrics.
  8. Confirms which local electric sockets are used in hotel.
  9. Finalises purchase recommendations /decisions that   are stuck (often with hotel operations)   based on the   PR-TBF sent        by R Dunn .
  10. Arranges for orders to be placed by owner. All purchase orders and contracts are between Owner and the suppliers . Robert Dunn does not accept any liability or penalties in the case of non-performance or delays by OS&E suppliers; subsequent liquidated damages are solely attributable to the responsible supplier.
  11. Arranges for supplier payments-advance and pre shipment (often by  owner).
  12. Appoints the freight forwarder for logistics, tracking, deliveries and installation.
  13. Importation and customs clearance/customs payments/local tax/ tariffs.
  14. Receives the goods.
  15. Upon delivery of the goods, inspect and check each item for completeness and damage before releasing to the hotel operator .  In the event of missing or damaged goods,   advise R Dunn who will  discuss with  the supplier.
  16. Commencing on first delivery of the goods, issue weekly reports reconciling the goods delivered against those ordered, so that an updated delivery status is available at all times.
  17. Ensures deliveries stored in a safe location.
  18. Arrange local temporary offsite warehouse facilities.
  19. Monitors any claims on damaged items upon delivery to site or warehouse.
  20. Supervises site deliveries from local warehouse to hotel.
  21. Ensures hotel provides support staff to move and place goods.
  22. Coordinates movement of goods from store to rooms. Hotel to provide support staff to move and place goods.
  23.  Agrees installation program and coordinates installation.  Usually installation is by the general  contractor or external installers.
  24. Finalisation including compliance with quality requirements.
  25. On completion of the Services (ie after all goods have been delivered), issue a Close Out report to the Client/Construction Department which shall include an inventory report listing all goods delivered.

By Client (often the owner and or developer).

  • Supplier payments-advance and pre shipment.
  • Approves samples with operator.
  • Places purchase orders.


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