1   What is FF&E,  E and OS&E ?

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Because there is considerable opportunity for costly confusion we have  developed a Definition of Scope document which lists in detail what is and what is not FF&E, E and OS&E .

FF&E is short for Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment. A copy of this is available from Robert Dunn. In brief the term includes the  all loose furniture, decorative lighting, carpets, curtains and bed covers.

E is short for  Equipment. A copy of this is available from Robert Dunn. In brief the term includes the hotel’s  fixed  kitchen and laundry equipment including cold rooms and kitchen hoods, fixed health club equipment, computers with their associated equipment and software.

OS&E is short for Operating Supplies and Equipment and includes.   It is the small equipment which is manufactured off site and most if it  does not require  any installation. In brief the term includes the hotel’s operating equipment such as chinaware, bed linen, silverware, uniforms, housekeeping equipment and engineering tools, all loose kitchen and laundry equipment, loose health club equipment,

The above do  not include  consumable supplies such as food, drink or paper products, wall coverings, hard floor finishes, wall tiling, plumbing fixtures such as faucets, washbasins, baths or wcs, built-in millwork such as the reception desk, PABX systems and handsets, or computer cabling.

It is important that the owner does not underestimate the diversity, complexity and quantiy of the products required for a new hotel. 2000-3000 products with a variety of specifications from over 100 suppliers in many different countries is a lot to manage and professional expertise is essential to avoid a nightmare scenario of late deliveries and wrong products.


It is strongly recommended that a copy of the Definition of Scope Document is made available to all concerned with the project at an early stage. It may be appropriate to agree an exception to the Definition because of local practice, for example in some countries carpet supply may be regarded as a part of the General Contractor’s work. What is essential is that everybody uses the same Definition; if they do not it is very likely that some items may be double or nil supplied and that this will result in additional costs and delays..




Project Timetable – Time, Money and Quality

The responsibility for preparing the timetable is the Project Manager’s but it is important that the Purchaser be given the opportunity to propose changes if he believes that it does not allow sufficient time for him to do his job properly, or at least point out the probable consequences.  It is essential that there is sufficient time for the Sample Room and Table Top review and enough time for these to be repeated until everybody is satisfied.  We can provide a guideline document to assist the Project Manager in preparing his timetable.

The next problem is the bidding process. It is not normally necessary to allow vendors excessive time to prepare their offers. If one vendor requests additional time to complete their offer when others do not, their price is unlikely to be competitive. Unless there are unusual circumstances such requests should be declined.  The next possible delay is the need for extensive negotiation and or reselection if there are budget problems with the offers received. This all takes time and a choice may have to be made between a project delay and a cost overrun.

Finally there is the matter of the vendor’s delivery time. It is not difficult to understand that vendors with the best price and quality are likely to be busier and have longer lead times than the others.  Again, if time is too short there is a choice between delaying the project with a better supplier or paying more money or accepting a lower quality from a worse one.

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