Request for quotations (one off) for large quantities.

Please note, that I am not a supplier but facilitate the contact between the Client (buyer) and suppliers (introduce).  The supplier is solely responsible for the sale of the products and observing any responsibilities
 in respect to contract, information and customer rights.
The contract (or order) is concluded only between the Client (buyer) and the supplier, should they (the buyer) choose to accept their offer.


  1. The Client (buyer) should send me the tender  by email  including an indication of  requirements, quantities, location of hotel, expected opening date and an indication of delivery date,  specifications including materials, finish.
  2. I will confirm to the Client (buyer) if I am able to organise the quote.
  3. Minimum quantities often apply.  Normally   over 100.
  4. I will review the documents and request any clarifications from the Client (buyer).
  5. I then send the BOQ and specs to  the appropriate supplier.
  6. The supplier provides me with a  quotation normally  (CIF), addressed to the Client (buyer),  with an indication of production, delivery schedule and warranty.
  7. I will check the offer and then send it to the Client (buyer).
  8. If the offer is accepted by the Client (buyer) then samples are prepared (if required).
  9. The supplier  agrees  (with the  Client (buyer))  terms, payment procedures , warranty, production and delivery
  10. The Client (buyer) places the purchase order, direct with the supplier  (contract is between Client (buyer) and the supplier.
  11. Payment procedures are implemented eg advance payment (if agreed), L/C, bank guarantees, payment bonds etc.
  12. Production begins. Inspection of goods at factory is by the Client (buyer)’s QC team(if required).
  13. When the shipment is ready the supplier provides the Client (buyer) with documentation  according to agreed terms (eg bills of lading,   packing lists )
  14. The final payment is made by the Client (buyer) (according to the terms) to the supplier  before shipment.
  15. When the goods are received by the Client (buyer) they should be checked by the Client (buyer). Any issues should then be followed up with the supplier.
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