Pallet lifter

Category: Brand: Slingsby UK

Blue, red, green, grey, yellow

Whether you send out or receive products you will undoubtedly encounter pallets at some point, so you will need a suitable piece of equipment to help you move them safely. Our heavy duty 2.5 tonne pallet truck is a great addition to shift heavy pallets full of stock. They are built to withstand the rigours of everyday use in industry with a capacity of 2500kg, helping employees move stock easily for distribution or from delivery to stock room. Weighing only 70kg, they are easy to move when there isn’t a pallet on them. They have a fork length of 1150mm and a width of 540mm. When lowered all the way, they go down to 85mm and can be raised to a maximum of 200mm. They are nylon steering wheels and tandem nylon rear rollers, helping their manoeuvrability around obstacles and corners.

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