Luxury Spa USA

The WaterRower was invented in 1988 by John Duke, a Yale University engineer and USA Rowing National Team candidate. Mr Duke had two principles leading his design:
Firstly, to replicate the experience of rowing in a boat, aiming to bring the sound, resistance, and physiological benefits of rowing to a wider audience.
Second, to create a piece of “Fitness Furniture” with an aesthetic that would complement a residential setting.

Duke’s goal was to create a rowing machine with which the user has a welcoming emotional connection, as they would with a favoured piece of art or furniture. Central to this was manufacturing from wood.

Widely regarded as the most realistic simulator of on-water rowing, WaterRower has been dedicated to creating rowing machines of exceptional quality and design for over 30 years.

Offering a low impact, full-body workout, the WaterRower is acclaimed not only for its exercise benefits but also as an outstanding design innovation. Hand-built in the USA; all timber used in the manufacture of wooden WaterRower rowing machines is sourced from sustainably managed hardwood forests in the Appalachian Mountains.

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