Signage – Slovenia and Netherlands

– Analysis of all interior and exterior signage and wayfinding needs 
– Determine and placement of all needed signage to the floor plans
– Determine all colors used in signage, fonts, etc.
– Determine all materials used in signage production
– Signage design
– Technical drawings for signage production
– Technical descriptions for signage production
– Request for Quotation list
– Determine all signage fonts and font needed for branding
– Design of bespoke pictograms
– Design of logotypes
– Branding design
– Design of all branding elements (business cards, envelopes, menu, price list, etc.)

Normally a quotation is provided within 1-2 working days.

The following information is required:

  • Basic floor plans
  • Short description/explanation of the hotel (interior design, spa area restaurant etc)
  • Is design and branding to  be included or provided by customer/hotel.
  • Renders if available
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