Safety Light

More about our SafeTLight

An ordinary night light provides a degree of safety, but, when the power fails, you’re left in the dark.

When the power fails

Once power is cut, the re-chargeable internal battery in Safe T Light takes over. As the only light in the dark, the torch head is easily located and can then be gently pulled from the base unit. You now have a torch that will last up to 4 hours. No scrabbling around in drawers or falling on the stairs in the dark.

Economical Night Light

During the night, when the SafeTLight is illuminating your stairs, hallway, landing or your bedroom, the unit is consuming less than 0.5 watt so costs less than 50 pence a year to run. This is far more economical than conventional 7 watt night lights and is due to the LED technology used.

Recommended positioning of a SafeTLight

Ideally, your SafeTLightshould be positioned near stairs, on landings and optionally for the young or elderly, in bedrooms. Falling down stairs in the dark is a common source of injury for the elderly and our SafeTLight is leap forward in safety in the home.

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