Massive bamboo Bali

Massive Bamboo is part of a large family. We operate as a branch of PT Contrade, an Indonesian furniture manufacturing company with experience spanning 20 years. Our division specializes in supplying bamboo to businesses worldwide, and we strive to meet the exacting standards of each and every one of the countless companies that rely on us. In the many years we’ve grown and processed our bamboo, we’ve come to understand quality requirements and how they differ across the world. We now master quality assurance tools and techniques to improve every aspect of our production cycle, from harvesting to shipping.

Our production is a well-oiled machine, with care and attention going into every aspect of the cycle. Marking, identifying and selecting the culms, cleaning, smoothing, cutting, treating, drying, waxing, stuffing and shipping our bamboo poles and strips are all processes that benefit from the dedication and expertise of our vetted and experienced staff.

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