Hand Hygiene Gel Dispenser – Automatic – From Spain

Who needs Hygia?

Hygia dispensers improve the hand hygiene experience in every kind of location – offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities and more.

Can I customise Hygia  with my brand?

Yes! Signal your commitment to hand hygiene and safe premises by branding your Hygia dispensers with your logo and colours.

How does Hygia help  my business?

Offer your customers, visitors and employees cleaner and more pleasant hand hygiene, improving their experience at your premises.

How does Hygia  save me money?

Eliminate waste by ensuring each user receives one optimally sized dose of sanitary gel right in the centre of the hand.

How are Hygia devices powered?

Cordless Hygia dispensers are battery-powered, so they can be placed anywhere on your premises.



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