Guidelines on standards


The aim of this section, is to provide Guidelines on key products for a five star hotel to ensure product brand standards are consistent across the hotel group. It also includes references to typical suppliers. Kindly note that it is not exhaustive. Some of the equipment is mandatory, some of the ‘types’ of equipment are mandatory (e.g.non-ammonia mini-bars), but wherever possible alternatives are provided to allow flexibility in competitive tendering.


Most OS&E procurement companies will be aware of most, if not all, of these products. This document may also prove useful when refurbishing an existing hotel.
Not every item in a hotel is detailed here as there are too many ie over 4000. The other items are include in the main OSE Masterlists.

The items in the manual correspond in general to the criteria listed below:


1  Effect brand image of hotel group eg amenities, bedding, safe

2  Critical equipment eg defibrillator

3  High visibility items customer contact items eg luggage trolleys

4  Generic description of long list of low value line items like glassware.

Classification of hotel brand standards

The OS&E is often specified by the  operator according to   the following categories.

  • 1 Fixed spec, fixed brand  eg Aliseo hairdryer ref 123
  • 2 Fixed spec,  preferred  brand  eg 300 TC bed sheets
  • 3 Minimum standard & preferred brand to suit hotel ie size, colour, functionality  eg tea tray,  floor cleaning.
  • 4 Spec  by hotel ID (eg colour finish).


Stakeholders including  procurement agents, interior designers, owners  and hotel operators  work together to ensure that standards are maintained.

Products to conform to the following standards:
  • Local, national regulatory & international standards.
  • International regulatory standards.
  • Codes & regulations including fire, safety, health, hygiene & electrical.
  • Green standards in terms of water usage, energy efficiency, and recycling reusing.
  • Operator’s brand and product standards.
  • International five star hotel industry standards.
  • Preparation of guidelines to reflect  hotel brand image.
  • Guidance on manufacturers & suppliers.
  • Product standards will be consistent across the hotel group.
  • Ensure quality and value for money.
  • Selling feature for prospective owners.

Step 1  Preparation of scope

I provide Client with a copy of  hotel OS& E  scope document of main products to be in manual.

Add in exceptional items required by operator and normally in other scopes.

Agree with Client.

Step 2  Review operators current documentation and incorporate into manual..

eg operating policies/manual eg F&B policy,  bedding policy, buying guides, preferred supplier list, safety standards manual and green standards.

Step 3 Review of Operators  OS&E Masterlists

Identify main products that are currently operators standards.

Check if still a requirement.

Incorporate into manual.

Step 4 Arrange samples to be approved by operator/client.

Step 5 Prepare specifications/standards/suppliers/manufacturers.
Identify OS&E  brand standards ie
Fixed brands, fixed  spec, preferred/optional supplier, minimum spec.

Highlight standards like:

  • Does it conform to safety and local standards eg fire, electrical, health, food, hygiene?
  • Does it conform to international hotel standards?
  • Does it (and the manufacturer) conform to green standards. (to be confirmed  at tender stage)


  • Ensure products are durable, easy to use and maintain
  • Identify Items that require local consumables/local support?
  • Identify Items that  interface with other items eg
    with other OS&E eg plates/trolleys, linen etc
  • with equipment in other scopes eg linen /beds, mini bar /cabinet, chafing dishes /buffets
  • with building
    eg trolleys in lifts, vacuum cleaners and flooring, safes and floor loading.
  • with external services eg refuse lorries etc


  • Identify OS&E where further input is required from:
  • Interior Designer (ID) eg for  equipment which is visible to the public and where there is a choice of colours or finish
    Financial controller(FC)
    General Contractor(GC)
    eg Electrical Equipment where electrical power connections are required, installation should be co-ordinated with project manager.  Electrical items to be compatible with local electricity supply and conform to local electrical standards. Electrical equipment requires appropriate electrical power connections, (sockets, cables & plugs). For safes floor loading weights to be considered
  • General Manager (GM)
    Hotel Operations (HO)


  • Identify OS&E where further input is required at a later date eg
    Side of door for hinges( left/right ) for guestroom minibar and safes
    Colour and finish
    To match chosen bathroom accessories line
    Check if included in other packages eg FF&E, bathroom contract package,  electrical contract, kitchen contract,  to identify possible  double or nil counting
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