Green Ideas

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Glass racks and glasses

Good quality glass racks and glass rack trolleys in sufficient quantities will reduce breakages when being washed, transported and stored.
Heavy bases and long stems will increase breakages when glasses are washed and drained.


Swivel switches to be used.

Ironing centre

Timer on  iron.


Place news papers at central location like lobby and therefore reduce newspaper usage
Newspaper “cane” type holder often provided by hotels.

Lift Lobby (Guestroom Floors) recycling bins

Consider having a recycling bin next to ashstand/bin

Energy Efficiency

If purchasing appliances rated under the EU’s environmental labelling scheme, check the energy efficiency of the model concerned. If an appliance is not rated under this scheme ask the supplier for details of the normal power consumption. This should help to determine the overall cost of buying and using an appliance.


Use glass door so client does not need to open door to see products and therefore using more energy to re cool . Ensure good insulation, improved energy transfer surfaces, more precise temperature and defrost

The higher the thread count the longer the linen lasts


Batteries contain Cadmium, Lead and Mercury and usually end up in landfill sites after use. Where possible mains electricity should be used in preference to batteries, or rechargeable batteries should be purchased as these may be used up to 500 times before disposal


  • Uses renewable materials eg cotton sheets. towels, table cloths, furniture,
  • Made with minimum use of virgin materials.
  • Made with maximum use of recycled materials.
  • Non (or reduced) polluting


Take into account the capital but also running and disposal costs?  Ensure that office machinery which is purchased has energy saving devices incorporated such as “sleep facilities” on photocopiers, PCs and printers.  Must be able to use recycled paper Should provide a duplex function .


Must be able to use recycled paper.
Should provide a duplex function .

Wheely Bins

For recycled cans, glass paper, plastic. Coloured wheely bins to be provided.

Compacters  for  compacting paper and  cardboard.

Vacuum cleaners  Eco vacuum cleaners. Low noise .Easily repaired and upgraded with guaranteed stocks of replaceable parts

Ensure any furniture foams do not contain CFCs or HCFC

Dimmer switches on lamps will use less energy . Use LEDs or  CFLs.

Timber Furniture

Timber from tropical rain forests is being destroyed at around the rate of 20 million hectares each year. Tropical hardwood is typically used in furniture, insulation, packaging, fittings and doors.

The Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) oversees the certification and labelling of products that have come from sustainably managed forests. There are now more than 8 million hectares of FSC certified forests throughout the world. It is preferable to buy products that have been FSC certified, look out for the FSC tick mark on products.

  • MDF and chipboard use recycled wood.
  • Check that the furniture comes with comprehensive maintenance and repair instructions.
  • Check with the supplier/manufacturer of furniture to see if any plastic fittings on furniture are coded to facilitate recycling.
  • Preferably any plastic and metal fittings should be made from post consumer waste.

Internal Plants

The production or supply of some products is harmful to wildlife, which in turn can adversely effect the environment. Do not purchase or specify:

  • Plants and bulbs taken from the wild (many are protected by law)
  • Products whose extraction can be harmful to the environment such as peat, water worn limestone, coral and natural sponge.
  • Products from animals on the endangered species list.


Specify spring loaded plastic flap doors to shut the door and save electricity.


Use energy saving materials and techniques

  • Thermographic images to ensure building is air tight .
  • Up to date ventilation and HVAC .
  • Building management system.
  • Energy efficient lifts.
  • Energy saving lights, dimmers and motion detectors.
  • Key activated lighting in rooms (3 star).

Compact Fluorescent Lamps(CFL)  v  Light emitting diodes (LED)

LEDs are more expensive in up front cost but less expensive in the long term as they last longer and use less energy. CFLs produce more heat which may be a problem in recessed lights. LEDs last longer . LEDs more robust. LEDs use 35-50% less energy than LEDs. LEDs have better dimmability. LEDs are good with solar panels as they use less energy. LEDs more variety. -diffused, dimmable, tracking lighting, resessed, candelabra, tube.

Wood preservatives containing pentachlorophenol, lindane or tributynin should not be purchased (or woods treated with preservatives containing such substances)

Avoid CFCs


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