Green Programme

Eco program


The rule is – do not compromise your guest experience with your eco-program, but enhance your guest experience with your eco-program.
There are actions and products that benefit the environment that match every star level of service offered.


Ideas for an eco program

Linen and towel re-use reduces laundry detergent and water use.
Use water saving devices, water filtration systems, and air filtration/purifiers.
Use motion sensors wherever possible.
Implement a recycling program to reduce waste.
Provide guest recycling receptacles .
Consider using milk in jugs instead of individual milk portions.
Always use recycled paper, wherever possible eg napkins, hotel stationary and paper.
Print both sides of office paper, and then recycle.
Use recycled toner.
Internet-based reports to reduce paper waste.
Buy I.T. consumables which are taken back by the supplier for re-use/recycling
Replace all cleaning agents and chemicals used to clean guestrooms with non-toxic, environmentally safe products. This reduces bleach and ammonia based products.

Replace all paints and solvents with eco-friendly paints (low VOC).
Donate usable hotel items to local non-profit organizations.
User energy and water-efficient equipment eg in laundry , kitchen , guestrooms eg air conditioning and in-room minibars.
Reduce use of disposable cups in employee areas.
Replace incandescent lighting with low enery light bulbs-LED, halogens, compact fluerescent lamps (cfl).
Recycling Remarks

Up to 80% of waste can be recycled.
Landfill sites are the most common forms of waste disposal in the UK but the availability of sites is reducing and the cost of landfill is increasing.
Some of the products placed in landfill sites take hundreds of years to breakdown (such as plastics).
Before purchasing, it is recommended that there is an evaluation of the potential for recycling the product in question, particularly comparing it against similar products on the market.

When purchasing look for goods which are durable and that can be easily repaired and upgraded with guaranteed stocks of replaceable parts.

Use only biodegradable products.