Fight covid

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Ideas on virus controls

Operating Equipment  (OS&E)

  • Automatic hand sanitizers
  • Anti microbe wipe stations
  • Social distancing
  • Paper napkins
  • Single use menus
  • Salt and pepper in packets ie no salt and pepper pots
  • Limited menu
  • Avoid salads
  • Breakfast buffet a la carte or pre packaged
  • Disinfect linen when laundry
  • Electrostatic sprayers
  • UV technology
  • Hospital grade chemicals
  • Seals on doors
  • Automatic doors
  • Voice activated TVs
  • Rooms for sleep work and exercise
  • Natural ventilation
  • Frequent cleaning
  • HACCP Hazard analysis and critical control points HACCP attempts to avoid hazards rather than attempting to inspect finished products for the effects of those hazards.
  • All food covered in transit.
  • Tray covers
  • Room service tray covers
  • Pedal bins
  • Shoes properly cleaned
  • Hygiene posters
  • Chilled / frozen food sanitized
  • Delivery schedule for deliveries
  • Waste collection schedule
  • Lift sanitized
  • One way traffic in corridors
  • Kitchen staff not to face each other
  • Automatic amenity dispensers for bathrooms
  • Cover for TV control
  • Smart phone app to control lights AC etc.
  • Biometric finger keys
  • Replace hand dryers with paper towels
  • Steam clean curtains
  • PPE for waiters




  • Use less
  • FF&E anti microbe materials
  • Hard floors
  • No gassing floor tiles
  • Platform bed ie no box spring
  • All in one casegoods
  • Hanging bed lamps
  • Automatic drapery
  • Quality air filters with anti virus filters
  • Sensors to turn on lightd
  • Toe kick on drawers
  • In room wellness package with wipes, masks etc
  • Use Luxury Vinyl Tile  LVT
  • New generation of germ resistant textiles




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