Cereal Dispenser Automatic from Italy

Safe T Serv™ 200 – DS206

Automatic touchless double cereal and snack dispenser, black acrylic stand, 2-3.5 gallon containers.

Now you can safely serve guests the bulk cereal, granola, and snacks they crave with the new Safe T Serv™ Automatic Dispenser. Your guests will love the hygienic touchless dispensing and you will love the smart portion control technology that keeps food costs low.

  • Can hold up to 3.5 gallons of bulk cereal, candy, or snacks in each container
  • Easy to remove container for cleaning
  • Stylish acrylic base with custom catch tray
  • Commercial-grade motor delivers consistent portions fast
  • Each dispenser has a false front with a label holder
  • 2 Setting options for speed and portion sizes
  • Portion control for less mess and lower food costs
  • Hands-free means no contamination
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