Beyond Bamboo Market Global Community For Sustainable Products -UK


Hello and welcome to the Beyond Bamboo seller information and onboarding page.

Beyond Bamboo is a UK based Marketplace and Community and has been created in response to the need for more widespread conscious consumerism and the need to go beyond sustainability and drive planetary rejuvenation. Beyond Bamboo is just one part of a broader movement for change, more info on which can be found here.

How The Marketplace works
You self curate your shop, manage your products and stock just like Amazon. However, unlike Amazon, we promote who you are, what you do and why you do it and we only sell new products from sellers working towards an ethical and sustainable future as well as refurbished and upcycled products from accredited sellers. We pay our taxes in the UK.

What we can do for you when you join as a seller on our Marketplace
We see ourselves as trusted advisors and partners for our sellers and as such offer lots of additional value add services to your onboarding. This includes free access to our accreditation process, created in partnership with Ethical Consumer, awareness raising for your fantastic products across our social media channels and through our Look Behind the Label blog, access to coaching and development and curated PR and event opportunities such as this latest interview with seller, Laura Zabo, in AwareNow Magazine serving a global audience of 16 million monthly readers. We can also connect you to organisations that support our ethical and sustainable ethos, for the sourcing of sustainable packaging and other innovative materials.

Please take the first step toward joining our movement for for change and fill out the seller onboarding form below – we look forward to welcoming you.

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