Bespoke Paper Artwork Croatia


Artworks are 3D wall sculptures. Those from „Energy Collection“ are made from synthetic materials, delivered ready to hang on the wall, unframed, signed on the back.

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They are very lightweigted. The weight of the artwork diameter 60 cm is cca 500 g; the artwork diameter 90 cm is cca 800 g.

Specialised in design and handmade paper art elements and sculptures, especially floral forms. Technique applied is paper cutting sculpture.

The studio creations and services target art decoration of hospitality, corporate, family and residential spaces.

Artworks are permanent.

All components are hand cutted, individualy formed and glued on the base making the composition.

Materials which are used in making the artworks in my „Energy Collection“ are:


  1. Synthetic paper Synaps OM (for „petals“)
  • colour – white matte opaque
  • high grade polyester synthetic paper that is durable, resistant to water, UV light and tearing
  • unique silky look and feel like premium luxury paper
  • stiffness and dimensional stability
  • antistatic
  • temperature resistance is from -40°C up to +95°C.
  • Important to mention is that Synaps is 100% polyester and does not contain any toxic component (compared to some paper types PVC or PP/PE).
    And this is a key topic when confronted with fire.
  • Fire class: information upon request
  • Ageing: virtually no discoloration or deterioration under normal environmental conditions
  • Ecology: no toxic or ecologically harmful components are used during production; production waste is reused in production process
  1. Foamalux 3mm – (for base)
    • extruded, unplasticised foam polyvinilchloride (PVC) sheet
    • bright white surface
    • satin finish
    • smooth even surface
    • low weight
    • high rigidity and flatness
    • Fire retardant: foamalux has been tested in accordance with BS 476: Part7: 1987 and have achieved Class I Surface Spread of Flame designations. Testing in accordance with other European standards has also produced high classifications.
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