Bellmans luggage trolley from Germany

  • Luggage collection trolley with hinged platform, can be used with either short or long loading area for careful transport of up to 7 cases or bags.
  • Luggage collection trolley Compact 800 A
  • anthracite carpet (or red)
  • Measurements 560x750x1240 mm
  • Saves a great deal of space by providing a large extra hinged loading area
  • Large pneumatic tyres (250 mm) with particularly smooth running
  • Weatherproof stainless steel construction
  • Robust, non-slip carpet for luggage transport
  • Standard equipment

    Round-tube design. Platform can be unfolded for use and folded back up if necessary for space-saving storage. Loading area covered with tough, non-slip carpet.

    Stable even when fully laden

    As practical as it gets. Provides lots of space and saves lots of space with its fold-out loading areas in 2 lengths.

    Can be folded flat to save space


    Stainless steel


    2 pneumatic tyres for smooth running, black tread.

    GS-COMPACT 600 A
    GS-COMPACT 800 R

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