Procurement Process
For goods being imported by Client..
All facilities equipped with quality products.
For Operators, Owners, Designers and Developers.

A. Kickoff – Client sends project brief and completes my  area configuration and scope document.

B. Agree scope of purchases, provide proposal for procurement management which will include  project plan (time/milestones/priorities) and procedures.

C. Guidance on products, specs, standards, master lists and budgets for each project (OS&E).

  • Use of Online  Showcase of Product Ideas.
  •  Propose products to compliment design brief.
  • Preparation of hotel product  spec/standards control book  for main items in  each project (OS&E).


D.  Tender process  ensuring quality & value.

  • Guidance on manufactures and  supply chain.
  • Arrange samples for hotel evaluation.
  • Present best offers.


E Purchase orders (on behalf of Client).

Clients’ team manages the local procurement activities.-




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F Logistics

Goods consolidated and shipped to a warehouse near hotel.

 G Receipt of goods, quality control, inventory and invoice payments..

 H. Handover  involves the collation of all warranties, safety certificates and service agreement documents.



Process begins with a review of the project brief.

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I normally work with the Clients’ local team and focus on the  high volume and high value goods to be imported while the Clients’ team manages the local activities.

In essence my service enables clients, to be  supported by  an experienced specialist.

Competitive tendering.
Selection of suppliers and products is normally through competitive tendering ensuring best quality and value for money. Local project’s needs, terms and conditions are met, including delivery & installation dates.  Prequalified suppliers are tendered to (normally 2-3 per main bid package).

Fast track available