For discussion purpose to be adapted to project

A Kick off

B  Scope, time, contract

  • Time line overview (budget, tender/bidding, orders, production, shipment, delivery, installation).
  • Purchase order “schedule of priorities by bid package
  • Prepare scope documents.
  • Proposal document (using this document) (sections A B C D E F G H I )
  • Scope document – OSE and FFE (what is OSE FFE and what is not OSE FFE?).
  • Who installs?
    Review differentiation document(if available) -between FFE, GC, Project Manager and other stakeholders (who does what?)
  • Prepare proposal (using this document)
    Detailed scope of work (tasks)- interfacing with which stakeholders ( FFE, GC P ,ID,HO).(sections A B C D E F G detailed)

First Meeting.

The following should be agreed:

Financial/Approval procedures such as:

  • Bill-to address
  • Authorised signatories
  • Accounting submittals
  • Preferred payment terms
  • Review of templates for Bank Guarantee and Letters of Credit
  • Review of contractual suitability of the ‘Purchase Order’, ‘Special Conditions to the Purchase Order’ and ‘Instructions to Bidders’.
  • Logistics/Installation procedures such as:

Ship-to address
Schedule review
Import codes and any duty exemption
Conditions for delivery to site
Delivery reconciliation procedures

  • Other topics such as:  Wastage, overage and attic stock limits
  • Review hotel operator FF&E/OS&E minimum standards
    Environmental standards for fabrics , timber and leather
  • Preferred vendors
  • FF&E/OS&E scope parameters


Prepare Time/Programs.

  • Time Program detailed by bid package for order/prepayment, shipping, clearance and delivery.
  • Time program installation.
  • Container estimate by bid package .
  • Delivery diary by day.
    Installation diary by item, floor, room facility.
  • In conjunction with program requirements, also taking into account of estimate of manufacturing lead times prepare a procurement time plan –Tender/analysis/order/delivery/installation
  • Prepare master delivery program as per 1.Construction handover taking into account each handover area 2 As per operational requirements ensuring compliance with preopening activities eg office training staff meals 3 As per vendor requirements eg fabrics needing special treatment before being shipped to other vendors using them as components in their fabrication.
  • Prepare Inventory by room for delivery and installation


Product standards, master-lists, budgets, resources and processes.

Prepare/agree procedures/process for:

  • Approval of OS&E lists. Approval of FF&E control lists
  • Budget approval and budget control
  • Tender procedure
  • Client approval process/ acceptance of quotations .
  • Product / specification and sample approval.
  • Agree payment procedures including samples.
  • Establish & agree strategy with Client for processing orders & payment to suppliers
  • Progressing and tracking
  • Procedure for agreeing actual delivery dates according to prearranged project schedule. According to PM’s master project program.
  • Receiving at warehouse and hotel
  • Quality assurance and quality control. (with suppliers/tender term)
  • Stock control in hotel and movement of materials to rooms.
  • Invoice approval.
  • Change request, substitution
  • Propose quality control procedure and objectives to ensure compliance with standards including fire standards.
  • Establish a framework for continual monitoring of orders v schedule.
  • Correlate Budgets against tender submissions, identify budget problems and propose solutions.
  • Budgeting system all items have a control number which allows tracking from budget process, through purchasing to delivery and invoicing



Process-Lists and Budgets

  • Initial AUDIT-STAGE to establish requirements.
  • Identify possible budget “grey” area and propose solutions.
  • Crosscheck with other scopes to ensure no nil or double counting of equipment and responsibilities.
  • Agree scope of work and scope of purchases.
  • Prepare ballpark/ comparative budget.
  • Review FF&E control sheets/lists.
  • Review of plans in terms of equipment (OS&E) needs.
  • Review of operating policies and local culture in terms of equipment(OS&E) needs.
  • Prepare OS&E lists. (over 5000 items).
  • Prepare preliminary budget based on control sheets and OSE lists
  • Definite budget(later) based on quotations. This is continually updated to be come final cost.
  • Monitor budgets.
  • Review with Client and sign off.

Agree what reports are required.

  • Online progress- budget reports, quotes, PRs, Purchase orders(by Client) , shipment date, delivery, installation dates.
  • Manual of final purchase orders, maintenance /technical details, supplier list, guarantees and fire code documents.
  • Reports and Documents
  • On a monthly basis or as necessary, review with Client the purchase /manufacture/ delivery status of all FF&E items as well as Project schedule.
  • Prepare area receiving/delivery report for FFE and OSE include Order ref; Item ref; room designation; Quantities; Vendor name; Origin; Fabrication time;Clearing custom date;manufacturing time Delivery date on site
  • Issue status reports as required by Client ie orders placed, budget v orders, vendor visits.
  • File of insurance claims
  • Prepare a methodology of installation in coordination with the PM which will allow for : receiving and storage; installation distribution; security commissioning handover
  • Prepare and submit to Client a typical purchase order
  • Prepare the following documents -Purchase request, Purchase order, Receiving report
  • Prepare terms and conditions for purchase order.
  • Reports and Document Info
  • Progress of project monitored on line through word or excel
  • Online Reports include budgets, quotations, delivery programs.
  • Cash flow forecasts provided as required by Client.
  • Tender analysis – references, price, payment terms, credit worthiness, size history
  • Order will have acknowledgment of order, required date, shipping info ,received, installation.
  • All bid analysis and budget control done on excel spreadsheets
  • Report Budget v Quotations
  • Report Budget v Purchase order v Invoice
  • Reports-exit
  • Report on Vendor performance; Quality compliance; Outstanding snagging.
  • Exit report -Final cost v budget.
  • Handover with report on delivered items /inventory/defects.
  • Status report of all pos v ID Control book.
  • Final account details proportion of retention.
  • Close of project manual of orders payments and vendor file.
  • Complete fire code documents covering all design elements will be presented
  • Follow up Provide hotel with supplier contact details for reorder products and or for dealing with products issues eg maintenance questions
  • Internet
  • Provide Internet portal for reports for clients .
  • Budget v quotations summary


  • Arrange and assess control samples & brochures of main equipment for review by hotel operations.
  • Review plans in terms of equipment needs.
  • Review operating policy in terms of equipment needs.
  • Check colours and finishes with designer
  • Ensure compatibility with other equipment
  • Prepare detailed equipment budget and listings.
  • Provide technical standards and specifications of main equipment.
  • Assist with purchasing for the hotel’s mockup room.
  • Establish documents required to form tender package.
  • Prepare bid packages.
  • “Devil in the detail” Bid analysis and evaluation.
  • Review of all quotes to confirm that suppliers are quoting the correct spec and quantities.



  • Source all the OS&E
  • Help with preparation of budget control procedure.
  • Establish and agree strategy with the client for placing orders and payments to suppliers.
  • For OS&E room equipment coordinate movement from storage areas to rooms eg TV mini bar Safe.
  • Time line and troubleshooting guide


  • Present list of pre qualified and trusted suppliers.Review local market
  • Canvas stakeholders regarding suppliers .
  • Include advice on project orientated manufacturers from Europe and China, for the main packages of casegoods, seating, decorative lighting, carpet, fabrics, tables ,kitchen and laundry.
  • Ensure suppliers are prequalified and conform(where appropriate) to ISO standards (9001 & 14001) & use western managed quality control systems.
  • Ensure value for money, goods conform to all standards, including , ethical and environmental standards
  • Green in manufacturing process in terms of water usage, energy efficiency, sustainability of materials and effect on environment.
  • Ensure they have a proven history of successful projects. Commitment to sustainable production and consumption
  • Note -Products are direct from manufacturers in Europe, Middle East, USA and Asia.
  • Tried and tested on projects that I have been involved with and have excellent references.
  • Recommend other FFE consultants for kitchen laundry signage

Standards and specs

  • Establish which items are brand specific eg safe
  • Establish which samples operator needs to approve
  • Quality control through spec, terms and conditions, sample, manufacturing drawings, operator review, factory visit
  • Review designers control book of FF&E specifications, fabric samples, cad drawings, mood images and BOQs .
  • Review kitchen and laundry contracts and cross check with OS&E lists.
  • Review and sign off FFE control sheets with operator
  • Review FFE control sheets with designer
  • Co-ordinate of samples.
  • Prepare OS&E specifications review and agree with Client and hotel operations.
  • Ensure merchandise conforms to all standards including:
    Regional , local and international standards
    International five star hotel standards.
    Fire, and safety standards. Electrical.
    Health and hygiene standards.
  • Ensure merchandise is durable, easy to use and maintain.
  • Green in terms of water usage, energy efficiency, and recycling reusing
  • Standards BS EN ISO ANSI or local equivalent.
  • Establish which specifications are 1 Project specific 2 Brand standard specific
  • Provide technical standards and specifications –OSE
  • Review of specifications and proposals prepared by Interior Designers, Specialists and Hotel Operators.
  • Establish scope of area where operators approval is required.
  • Implement Quality control procedure to ensure compliance with standards.
  • Ensure that operators standards are implemented.
  • Quality/samples/standards
  • Ensure the owners interests are protected at all times checking that goods are delivered on time to spec and within budget. That no monies are released against substandard damaged or late deliveries
  • Obtain samples as stipulated by the project team owner or by the terms of tender document
  • Ensure that supplier submits to Client and / or Clients design team, all shop drawings, color samples, fixture details, and samples which are submitted from supplier for Clients approval in writing.
  • Ensure that local standards and codes are complied to , in particular fire, electrical, hygiene and safety. Part of order conditions that relevant certificates are made available by vendor.
  • Ensure products conform to strictest EU standards, environmental standards and international hotel performance standards.
    Monitor fabrication (materials/samples/fabricated items/pre shipment)
  • Access samples.
  • Factory visit to evaluate quality control, management and production methods. (additional chargeable cost )
  • As required inspect or contact suppliers during the production phase as stated in tender documents.
  • Ensure as part of bidding process that suppliers agree to supply appropriate local certificates corresponding to local codes and standards.
  • Ensure products have international 5 star references.
  • Final quality checked at delivery.
  • Monitor the delivered FFE items against approved samples and model room as per tender documentation.

D Procurement tenders quotes

  • Prepare time line for bid process -issue, analysis sample review. For both sample room and hotel
  • Enter designers control book data into tender/budget control system. ( detailed line item budget.)
  • Agree suppliers & manufacturers for tender process (national and international). Pre qualifications if required.
  • Establish requirements for bid submissions eg”or equivalent” samples, drawings, terms & conditions. Special conditions that Client may have.
  • Factory visits, QA
  • Propose solutions /alternatives to issues.
  • Issue of tenders (2-3 for main packages).
  • Bid analysis v budget (both hotel and sample room).
  • Analysis of quotes to ensure nothing is forgotten or double counted by suppliers.
  • Devil in the detail” OS&E analysis.
  • Quantification analysis.
  • Ensure suppliers are quoting appropriate quality and specification and conforming to all standards.
  • Research savings and value analysis if appropriate.
  • Propose alternative equipment and how to reduce costs without compromising quality.
  • Establish who installs
  • Co-ordination of model/mockup/sample room order deliver installation.
  • Arrange and review other samples.
  • Prepare budget (based on model room ?.)
  • Prepare timeline – order, manufacturing, call off, shipment, delivery installation.
  • Negotiations to purchase at best price and terms.
  • Establish guarantees
  • Advise on final supplier selection.
  • Establish & agree strategy with Client for processing orders & payment to suppliers.
  • Establish and instigate quality procedure for inspecting items prior to leaving factory for delivery to warehouse.
    Inspection at factories.
  • Follow up & resolve, equipment issues subsequent to delivery.


Mock-up room

  • Prepare budget and list of OSE FFE for mockup room
  • Ensure mock-up room corresponds to budget.
  • Review room mock up




  • Purchase the FF&E and OS&E as per scope of project at the lowest possible prices and best possible terms.
  • Procure from defined suppliers when required by Client.
  • On all items costing in excess of E5,000, RD will use best efforts to obtain a minimum of two (2) bids, except where impractical .
  • Prepare pre qualification document in conjunction with Project Team.
  • Prepare all bid documents for specified items and submit to qualified vendors including SPECIFIED VENDORS
  • Respond to all requests for information and clarification from vendors.
  • Review all bids and submit same, and assist with supplier selection recommendations to Client based on industry expertise and in conjunction with the bid cost comparison analysis broken down by area of property, product type, line item, design specified budget, bids, and variance from design specified budget.
  • Upon completion of competitive bidding process, furnish and review with client a comprehensive Bid Analysis so as to make recommendations and assist Client with final selection of suppliers for both the Mock-up room and/or the entire project.
  • After completion and installation of the Mock-up room, and acceptance of all items contained therein, rebid the FF&E to alternative vendors so as to obtain the lowest possible pricing.
  • Open prices and cost savings-All costs are disclosed
  • Negotiations
  • Undertake final negotiations with selected suppliers to establish payment terms and settlement of account terms
    Assist in the establishment of required bonds guarantees etc for each supplier
  • Value/quantity analysis
  • Work closely with Client and Clients design team and representatives so as to recommend alternate sources and substitutes for the FF&E items specified, in order to attempt to maximize potential value engineering.
  • During the competitive bidding process, quantification data from relevant trades, as in floor covering, COM fabric, wall covering(not included), and other necessary items of that nature required.
  • Client to provide theming diagram and any relevant project information to allow further analysis and create accurate required FF&E schedules, and ensure procurement accuracy.
  • Research savings and value analysis if appropriate.
  • Advise of potential cost savings based on alternative sources, substitutes,

E Purchase recommendations (PR) and purchase orders (PO)

  • Commence client approval process-quotations/purchase recommendations/product/supplier) .
  • Purchase recommendations reports to Client
  • Quotations made available online.
  • Agree terms and conditions of orders.
  • Ensure local standards and codes are complied to in particular fire, electrical, hygiene and safety . Part of order conditions that relevant certificates are made available
  • Commence PO process.
  • Client raises purchase order /letter of intent( if necessary)
  • Client issues official purchase orders to suppliers complete with detailed specification sheets, drawings and illustration . For some orders a condition will be that shop drawings and samples are approved by ID , client, operator
  • Agree with suppliers process for approval of shopdrawings, colours, samples, fixture details, for approval
    Confirm that supplier has received order.
  • Confirm provisional delivery dates.
  • Commence procedure for agreeing actual production shipment delivery dates according to prearranged project schedule. Co-ordinate with the PM’s master project program.
  • Update timeline schedule- production, logistics, installation timetable
  • Assistance with preshipment payments/ invoice approval and assistance in resolving vendor disputes.
  • Obtain documents from manufacturer regarding product compliance with local and country fire safety and regs
  • Prepare master schedule of orders
    Distribute copies of orders as per PO process.
  • Purchase orders/contracts
  • Advise on final supplier selection.
  • Maintain Budget control procedure
  • Preparation of Contracts and Purchase Orders(by Client)
  • After completion of the Budget Estimate and Bidding, prepare all purchase order requests for Client to place order.
    PO to have details of : scheduling of lead times for -shop drawings, finish sample , sample/prototype, production lead time, estimated arrival no later than..
  • PO term- Vendor to supply shipper and agent/receiver: bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin, invoice , delivery note.
  • After issuance of Purchase Orders and contracts, Client shall:
    Ensure confirmation of orders from all order recipients and ensure that all terms and conditions comply with the stipulate tender document requirements
    Direct all selected vendors to submit confirmations and acknowledgements of Purchase Orders received and duly executed copies of contracts to Client to confirm that such confirmations, acknowledgments, and signed contracts do not alter the terms spelled out in Purchase Orders and Contracts as approved and submitted.
  • Review all such acknowledgments, confirmations, contracts and Purchase Orders for accuracy as to quantification and conformance with approved specifications.
  • Review all documentation submitted by manufacturers and vendors, including required guarantees / warranties and forward same to Client together with appropriate recommendations / comments.
  • Obtain necessary and required documentation from manufacturers / vendors regarding their products compliance with local and country fire safety laws and regulations and forward such documentation to Client.
  • Agree payment terms with vendor
  • Issue letters to unsuccessful bidder.
  • Ensure timely sending of purchase order to vendor and record distribution dates.
    Monitor order acknowledgements and confirmation of delivery dates.
    Obtain written guarantees


  • Monitor and control budgets as per agreed procedures.
  • Inhouse quote purchase order a v budget control (three stages) .
    Quality control through spec, terms and conditions, sample, manufacturing drawings, operator review, factory visit
  • Update timeline schedule- production, logistics, installation timetable
  • Factory visit during fabrication (should be in tender)
  • Check at each stage of handover that goods are to required stadards
  • In house order tracking- progress/expedite orders on a regular basis.
  • Notify supplier of changes to siteIn house delivery /receipt system
  • FF&E/OS&E Budget by room/vendor/commodity
  • FF&E/OS&E RFQ status / Open orders
  • FF&E/OS&E Committed budget report
  • FF&E/OS&E Status report by vendor/PO/ship date/arrival date
  • FF&E/OS&E Red flag report
  • FF&E/OS&E Delivery/Invoice Reconciliation
  • FF&E/OS&E Cash flow reporting
  • FF&E/OS&E Asset registers, certificates and manuals



  • Maintain communication with manufacturers and vendors to monitor progress and delivery schedules.
  • Attend all relevant meetings, and if applicable, notify manufacturers, vendors, and / or trades of decisions or changes in job site conditions and / or progress status which would effect their obligations and performance.
  • Track and progress orders -shipping date and estimated arrival date
  • Maintain contact with Project Team re status
  • Expediting
  • Ensure supplier compliance with production and delivery schedules
  • Establish a framework for continual monitoring of orders v schedule.
  • Cash management
  • Pay for samples
  • Prepare L/C
  • Arrange for the issue of cheques for down payment
  • Invoice approval and assistance in resolving vendor disputes. (invoice payment not included)
    Check invoices


F Logistics delivery and installation

  • Implement procedures- Production , shipment, delivery and installation.
  • Co- ordination (with Project Manager and supplier ) production, shipment ,delivery , release for installation.
  • Update timelines/ schedule- production, logistics, installation timetable

At factory –production

  • Carry out factory visits/inspection to major suppliers ensuring quality and delivery dates are being adhered to and to arrange for factory visits for Client, (if appropriate or required by Client).
  • Monitor production and release for shipping..
  • Call off as agreed with MC
  • Liaise with supplier to agree identification and labeling of FF&E goods and see whether asset tracking bar code system is possible for furniture .
  • Quality assurance. Where required monitor and inspect fabrication (materials/samples/fabricated items pre shipment). Ensure quality assurance process in place in factory (100% inspection)
  • Establish and implement quality procedure for inspecting items prior to leaving factory for delivery to warehouse.
  • Suppliers must mark all boxes with PO number for identification at receiving bay at hotel.
  • Packing lists provided for shipments with reference to PO

Coordinate and schedule the production, delivery, and release for installation of the FF&E for all areas of the Project in a sequential and as needed manner, in accordance with Project timeline schedule as applicable to FF&E scope of work.

  • Additionally, l use best efforts to consolidate shipments of FF&E, whenever practical and feasible, to reduce shipping costs if appropriate.
  • Alert Client and Project Team of delivery /production delays
  • Carry out inspections to main factories during manufacturing period




Logistics /Freight management.

  • Prepare logistics plan -who does what? (supplier or purchasing agent)-Logistics company?
  • Consolidation where possible.
  • Follow up & resolve, equipment issues subsequent to delivery.
  • Tender/select freight forwarder companies.
  • Arrange consolidation where appropriate. Container estimate by bid package .
  • Co-ordinate deliveries according to required take as per site programme and avoid congestion
  • Provide online shipping information and expected arrival dates for main orders.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Co-ordinate shipment from suppliers to warehouse facility to hotel store to room.


  • Coordinate with suppliers, pick-up and deliveries to prearranged location(s) in accordance with the purchase orders.
  • All necessary documents for customs clearance and insurance will be prepared by Clients freight forwarder.
  • Client will be kept informed of any delays against the delivery schedule and solutions will be proposed to minimize the delay.
    Coordinate with the selected Warehouse provider on all deliveries
    Assist and coordinate with owners appointed logistics company deliveries customs clearances warehousing and all logistic procedures


 G Store it (Warehouse)

  • A local warehouse may be required to receive all items that cannot go directly to the site. Ensure that the warehouses is close to the hotel installation site.
  • Ensure that the goods received are designate into an active inventory.
  • Check that as shipments arrive at the warehouse the merchandise is compared with the purchase order/equipment list.
    Ensure that they can transport to the install site with a variety of trucks and moving equipment available for items such as a blanket wrapped furniture


Receive it (hotel)

  • Prepare delivery diary
  • Implement procedures- delivery
  • Supervise site deliveries: provide central point of contact , liaise with PM, offloading, unboxing, punch list, missing report, damaged report, plan, receiving procedure, storage in hotel, clear packaging, temporary or off site storage if required.
  • Agree program for delivery and installation.
  • Ensure that a strict control be exercised on the delivery of material to the project. Check the number of cartons and their markings against the delivery documents. It may not be practical to unpack cartons immediately on delivery in which case the delivery receipt must be written on stating that their contents have not been checked.
  • Deliveries must be stored in a safe location. Any construction area may be subject to theft so security is particularly important.
  • The checking of the individual cartons should be done as soon as possible preferably by the hotel department that will use them
  • Goods received v order rejects /replacements
  • Ensure that once received, a system of storage, stock control and then movement of stock to rooms is in place.
  • Monitor any claims on damaged items upon delivery to site or warehouse.
  • Ensure deliveries are completed by suppliers; any part delivery is to be recorded in control system.
  • Suppliers to be notified of any damaged items received upon delivery and are to advise when rectification will be carried out“ either on site or at factory
  • Ensure deliveries must be stored in a safe location. Any construction area may be subject to theft so security is particularly important.
  • Prepare room inventory
  • FFE straight to room
  • Normally operator checks OSE -stored in safe area within hotel (sometimes with guard)
  • Ensure that receiving Coordinator is in place. Receiving coordinator will manage site deliveries: provide central point of contact , liase with PM, offloading, unboxing, punch list, missing report, damaged report, plan, receiving procedure, storage in hotel, clear packaging, temporary or off site storage if required.



  • Project Team shall furnish at the earliest possible date and upon material change, a current and complete project timeline schedule so as to efficiently prioritize procurement, production, delivery, and installation of the FF&E.
  • Maintain reports showing goods received v outstanding
  • Arrange deliveries to designated storage facilities (availability of secure storage spaces on site or off site in coordination with all parties concerned
  • Monitor delivery schedules and submit monthly receiving reports of date to PM and or to hotel operating team to enable them to control conformity of the purchase with final budget

On-Site Supervision

  • Maintain regular contact with selected warehouse to ensure timely delivery of purchased items.
  • Proactively deal with delivery issues and any damaged or incorrect goods so as to minimize any potential impact on project schedule.
  • Become acquainted with and stay informed of any job site conditions that may affect the progress of the delivery and installation and advise all necessary parties.
  • Schedule and oversee delivery and installation of goods in compliance with project timelines.
  • Discuss and consult with all relevant parties including but not limited to Owners on site representatives and trades the status of the project and pertinent issues as related to delivery and installation schedule.
  • Advise operator of any snags defects liabilities guarantees.
  • Advise suppliers of obligations to rectify problems
  • Implementation of delivery schedule and timetable taking into account lead times and operators requirements to ensure timely phased delivery.
  • Review programming to ensure compliance to dates update programming as new adjusted information is received.
  • Carry out Receiving Procedure and complete receiving reports as agreed with client
  • Ensure packaging removed.
  • Store in secure storage areas as per schedule
  • Provide handover with report on delivered items /inventory/defects
  • Carry out duties to ensure satisfactory receipt of goods
  • Coordinate with MC to call off delivery goods to site at agree dates
    incorporate status of remedial action on rejected goods
  • Provide for replacement of damaged or unaccounted goods
  • Relate all information in the bimonthly status report on the engaged orders which are invoiced.
  • Installation report /handover


Store it (Hotel storeroom)

  • Once received, a system of storage, stock control and then movement of stock to what can be over 30 different rooms/facilities/departments and also over 200 guestrooms, must be in place.
  • Preinstallation
  • Pre installation Preinstall meeting with PM, operations Client; Agree installation program; Prepare detailed installation program by floor/room; Liaise with supplier on delivery dates; Confirm access routes, elevator access, loading zones, staging areas; Inventory per room.
  • Prepare program for installation.
  • Provide FFE inventory chart per guestroom
  • Ensure setting in place in accordance with shop drawings/ID/ operator/manufacturers recommendations
  • Identification labelling required for furniture.
  • Coordinate pre-delivery site survey by main suppliers eg fitted casegoods.
  • Consider parking and uploading restrictions ,health and safety, building access , skip location, door and staircase width, lifts , skirting profiles, etc.
  • Installation
  • Coordinate installation (installation by installer)
  • Tender for installation contractor.
  • Agree installation companies. Which suppliers install their own products?
  • Coordination of installation (installation by suppliers where agreed)
  • Prepare installation plan according to agreed procedure.
  • Program detailed by bid package for order/prepayment, shipping, clearance and delivery.
  • An installation timetable must be agreed with project manager, suppliers and installers.
  • Confirm satisfaction of installed items in compliance with quality requirements. Snag list
  • If a supplier is working on site problems often arise with security, the timing of access, accidental damage and access to elevators and loading bays.
  • Installation manager to coordinate the installation, taking into account project schedule, corridor and elevator access, loading zones and staging areas.
  • Arrange for extra labour, if required, to ensure smooth installation and distribution of all FF & E items and dispose of all packaging
  • Arrange for specialist labour, if required, to be on site at an agreed time with the main contractor
  • Installation Deploy from storage to correct location; Provide surface protection; Assembly install; Placing according to blueprint layouts, ID instruction, room inventory; Remove packaging.Furniture to be adjusted and cleaned by installer
  • Agree who installs? E.g. FF&E installer, logistics solution provider, supplier, general contractor, combination of all.
  • If a suppliers contract includes the installation of his goods it is not normally necessary to check the quantity or quality of items as they are delivered. his must be checked when installation has been completed.
  • If supplier is working on site then coordinate their supplier activities , with those of the general contractor and other trades.
  • Problems often arise with security, the timing of access, accidental damage and access to elevators and loading bays.
  • Check that the supplier is covered by appropriate insurance.
  • On site activities may be under the control of the Project Manager or the General Contractor.
  • Ensure that there is a clear agreement with the vendor as to the quality of the goods that he will be supplying. This can be achieved by means of a written specification, a reference sample or a combination of the two. This is one reason why the sample room is so valuable and why it should be kept intact for as long as possible.
  • The installer will control all scheduling of inbound items, and staff the jobsite accordingly.
  • Successful placement of FF&E is all about details so the team should examine items list and purchase orders, floor plans, specifications books, room layouts, and electrical details.
  • They should work closely with the general contractor to ensure all areas are ready at the times required by the schedule.
  • Delays or other issues are immediately communicated to you and other key client contacts.
  • Ensure that installation coordinator is in place . The installation coordinator will: Work with the PM, architect, general contractor and the owner to ensure clear communication and coordination.
  • Arrange pre installation meeting with PM, FFE manager, Client; critical supplier .
  • Overview installation program.
  • Ensure that there is a detailed installation program by floor/room.
  • Confirm delivery date program .
  • Confirm access routes, elevator access, loading zones, staging areas .
  • Arrange inventory plan per room.
  • Ensure deploy plan from storage to correct location.
  • Ensure surface protection .
  • Supervise assembly install .
  • Coordinate placing according to blueprint layouts, ID instruction, room inventory.
  • Rubbish /packaging removal.
  • Confirm satisfaction of installed items in compliance with quality requirements. Snag list
  • Select installation companies
  • The installation supplier shall be soley responsible for maintaining its own workers compensation general liability insurance and all risk property insurance The amounts of which shall be subject to the owners approval
  • It is assumed that installation is normally by the supplier or contractor but coordinated by local manager , in conjunction with project manager.
  • Coordinate the installation and handover schedules with installation company, vendors contractors and prepare relating master schedule document
    Ensure the setting in place of FFE in accordance with approved shop drawings cut sheets and manufacturers recommendations
  • Provide detailed FFE inventory charts per guestrooms and areas to be installed
  • Storeroom to facility
  • Coordinate OS&E movement from storage areas to rooms eg TV mini bar Safe.
  • Arrange deliveries of items direct to their final location in the hotel coordinated with handover construction schedule and installation team


H Snagging

  • Upon completion of installation creation of punch list and taking necessary steps to ensure that corrections are taken care of arrange for Owner and PM to do a walk through and final inspection on the installation of FFE and for final sign off.
  • Assist owner in snagging process and follow up with vendors final costing inventory
  • Review supplied items and advise any deficiencies to PM to form part of formal snagging list


  • Implement procedure for invoice payments.
  • Carry out snagging on behalf of Client, identify missing or damaged items and arrange for delivery or repair as appropriate
  • Prepare complete handover document for each area or room upon completion of installation
    Preparation of final procurement manual of -inventory list, purchase orders, warranties/guaratee, fire certificates, maintenance and technical details, suppliers lists, .
  • Review on site all FF&E and OS&E in terms of quality.
  • Help with invoice approvals/invoice reconciliation and insurance claims.
  • Assistance with invoice approval and assistance in resolving vendor disputes.
  • Advise Client of methods of payment for all suppliers; notably pro-formas, deposits and letters of credit or telegraphic transfers
  • Obtain from all suppliers any manuals, warranties and guarantees and forward onto Client Obtain all necessary FR certificates and forward onto Client
  • Assist in preparing the Purchasing Manual for Client for all FF & E items, incorporating Specification Sheets with illustrations, fabric samples and FR certificates for each item
  • Collate final drawings and documents.
  • Asset register /inventory.
Client Resources