Procurement Process

How it works. 

Step 1 

To start the process I request the following:

  • Hotel room layouts.
  • Summary of guestroom configuration ( e.g. mix of twins kings).
  • Public areas configuration. (seating numbers)
  • An indication of owner’s budget (if available).
  • Location of hotel.
  • Operators name and standard of hotel.
  • Operating policies eg F&B, bedding.
  • Programs eg sleeping guide.
  • Brand standards of operator.
  • Preferred/recommended suppliers list from operator.
  • Expected opening date.

Step 2 

I prepare an approximate budget and detailed preliminary lists with quantities and generic specs .

Alternatively I review the Clients own OS&E lists in terms of scope/standards/suppliers/quantities  and ensure operators brand /supplier requirements are met.

Step 3

I cross check the OS&E lists with the main contracts- kitchen, laundry and designers scope to ensure that there are no double or nil counting.

Step 4 

The detailed OS&E lists are reviewed with Client and hotel operations.  (through skype)

Step 5

I prepare the schedule of time, tasks and order schedule (batches). 

Step 6

I prepare the bills of quantities (BOQ).

Agree the shortlist of suppliers(normally already pre qualified) .

Suggest potential cost savings using alternative suppliers.

Tender to the suppliers agreed with Client/operator (equal and approved suppliers ) .

Local  procurement is by local partner.

Step 7 

Prepare schedule of samples required by operator.

Organise samples and brochures for preliminary Client review.

I check colours and finishes with designer

Step 8

I organise samples  the final  presentations of equipment   including the table top presentation, banquet furniture presentation, model room samples presentation, for operations.

Final presentation coordinated by  local partner


Step 9

Hotel coordinates the test laundering of bedding , towels and uniforms.

Step 10

I  ensure “devil in the detail” analysis of quotations.

Step 11

Negotiate terms and prices, to ensure value for money.

Step 12

Once the best quote has been selected I  upload online for the Client –the quote with our purchase recommendation (PRs) or PR-TBF (to be finalised by local partner with Hotel) , terms and conditions including warranties.  

Step 13

The Client finalises terms between the Client and suppliers eg payment terms and delivery schedule. 

Step 14

The Client places their purchase orders direct with suppliers according to the purchase recommendation from us(PR). The contract is between Client and the supplier.

Step 15

Payment procedures implemented by Client eg advance payment (if agreed), L/C, bank guarantees, payment bonds etc.

Step 16

Track & progress orders.

Step 17

Organise the inspection of goods at factory and warehouse.

Step 18 

Final payment made by Client (according to terms) to suppliers before shipment.

Step 19

When the shipment is ready the freight forwarder picks up the goods and transports to the hotel.

Step 20

With local partner monitor the logistics, tracking, deliveries and installation.

Step 21

Deliveries and installation coordinated by local partner,  Client and hotel .