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Procurement Process

How it works. 

The following is a typical process for discussion purposes.  Responsibilities by each party(eg local partner, hotel ,owner) are adjusted on a project by project basis according to purchasing contract.


(I) Kickoff

Step 1

 To start the process I send  following documents to the Client for initial discussions :

  • Area configuration questionnaire (for Client to complete).
  • OS& E Scope Document ( to be agreed with Client).

(II) Project brief

 Step 2

Client to send  following information  (if available)  such as:

  • Expected opening date.
  • Owner’s budget (if possible at this stage).
  • Hotel room layouts, design renderings and photos .
  • Location of hotel.
  • Local hotels in competition.
  • Standard of hotel.
  • Operator’s name and brand.
  • Operating policies eg F&B, bedding.
  • Examples of recent operators  OS&E lists .
  • Operator’s programs eg sleeping guide. 
  • Brand standards of operator.
  • Items to be rented.
  • Preferred/recommended suppliers list from operator.


(III) Time, Standards, Budgets, Lists & BOQs

Step 3 Time

  • Prepare a  plan with milestones ie schedule of time and tasks. 


Step 4  Scope and OS&E Masterlists.

  • Crosscheck OSE scope with other scope documents (if made available by Client before list finalised ) eg FF&E scope  (including kitchen laundry and IT) ,  GC eg bathroom fittings, electrical contract ,  to identify possible  double or nil counting eg room service trolleys, ice machines.
  • Prepare a detailed preliminary OS&E Masterlists with quantities and generic specs .
  • Alternatively  review the Clients own OS&E lists in terms of scope, standards,suppliers,par coefficients, quantities  and ensure operators brand /supplier requirements are met.  I transfer the info to my OS&E Masterlist.


Step 5  Review

  • Review the  detailed OS&E Masterlist  with Client and hotel operations.  (through skype)


Step 6  BOQs

  • I  prepare the bills of quantities (BOQ).


Step 7 Suppliers

  • Agree the shortlist of suppliers(normally already pre qualified) with Client and operator.
  • Suggest potential cost savings using alternative suppliers.


Step 8 Standards and Samples

  • Consult with local operations regarding preferred standards. Operations may use the Online Showcase to highlight their preferences (  My Project Wishlist).
  • Prepare schedule of samples required by operator.
  • Organise samples and brochures for preliminary Client review.
  • Check colours and finishes with designer

(IV) Tender and analysis

Step 9  Tender

  • Prepare the order schedule/priorites by batches. eg batch 1 longest lead time items like bed linen and banquet  furniture. 
  • Tender to the suppliers agreed with Client/operator (equal and approved suppliers ) .
  • Local  procurement is by local partner.

(V) Samples and tabletop

Step 10  Product presentations

  • Organise samples for   the final  presentations of equipment   including the table top presentation, banquet furniture presentation, model room samples presentation, for operations.
  • Final presentation coordinated by  local partner
  • Hotel coordinates the testing of quality eg  laundering of bedding , towels and uniforms.


Step 11 Negotiations

  • Ensure “devil in the detail” analysis of quotations.
  • Negotiate terms and prices, to ensure value for money.


(VI) Purchase orders and delivery schedule

Step 12 Product Recommendations

  • Once the best quote has been selected I  upload online for the Client –the quote with  purchase recommendation (PRs) or PR-TBF (to be finalised by local partner with Hotel) , terms and conditions including warranties.  


Step 13  Terms and Orders

  • The Client finalises terms between the Client and suppliers eg payment terms and delivery schedule. 
  • The Client places their purchase orders direct with suppliers according to the purchase recommendation from us(PR). The contract is between Client and the supplier.


Step 14 Payment

  • Payment procedures implemented by Client eg advance payment (if agreed), L/C, bank guarantees, payment bonds etc.


Step 15  Tracking

  • Track & progress orders.


Step 16 Preship inspections

  • Coordinate  the inspection of goods at factory and warehouse.


Step 17 Shipment

  • Final payment made by Client (according to terms) to suppliers before shipment.


Step 18 Shipment

  • When the shipment is ready the freight forwarder picks up the goods and transports to the hotel.


(VII) Receipt of goods and inventory

Step 19 Delivery 

  • The  local partner monitor the logistics, tracking, deliveries and installation.
  • I finalise the inventory .


Step 20 Installation

  • Deliveries and installation coordinated by local partner,  Client and hotel .