Suppliers questionnaire


Download the file below , complete and return to



This questionnaire will be used  to evaluate potential suppliers and their quality assurance capabilities. Submittal of this questionnaire, by itself, does not constitute an approval of the company as an approved source. Robert Dunn will, after receipt of the completed questionnaire, conduct an interview and conduct an on-site survey of the facility. Approval is necessary before the supplier can be considered for project tender purposes.

1. All questions should be answered. If questions are not applicable, they should be identified “N/A”. If the
answer is none, state “NONE”.
2. If supplemental data is submitted, check with an asterisk (*) and identify the attachments by the applicable
paragraph number. A supplemental data sheet is attached for your convenience.
3. Answers should reflect you current status. Do not reflect procedures or capabilities which are anticipated
or proposed.
4. Questionnaire should be returned within five(5) days.
5. Completed questionnaires should be emailed to:
Robert Dunn
Dirctor of Hotel Equipment Services

Indicate what insurance you have (details will be required by Clients):


  1. Inventory and equipment insurance
  2. Product liability insurance
  3. Employer liability insurance
  4. Professional liability insurance
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