Step 1  Preparation of scope of OS&E.         

  • Provide a copy of RDunns hotel OS& E and FF&E scope document.
  • Add in exceptional items required by operator and normally in other scopes.
  • Crosscheck OSE scope with other scope documents (as made available by Client) eg FF&E scope  (including kitchen laundry and IT) ,  GC eg bathroom fittings, electrical contract ,  to identify possible  double or nil counting eg room service trolleys, ice machines

Step 2  Analysis of hotel configuration, location and local needs      

  • Client to complete Robert Dunn’s area questionnaire.  (attached)
  • Client to provide plans, furniture layouts and area schedules (if available).
  • Operator to provide details of operating policies/manual eg F&B policy,  bedding policy.(if available)
  • Review the above (if available) in terms of equipment needs.

Step 3 Preparation of OS&E Masterlists     

  • Review operators OS&E template lists.
  • Prepare preliminary customised OS&E  Masterlist using operators OSE template list.
  • Add in and highlight any missing lists or items not normally OS&E.
  • Enter operator’s item par coefficients to create quantities.
  • Make a budget allowance  where quantities or specs unknown eg buffet. Highlight in OS&E Masterlists.
  • Review lists with Operator and update accordingly. (by Client)
  • Break into BOQs for tender purposes . (Tendering not in this proposal)


Step 4 Preparation of  budgets..         

  • Prepare preliminary budgets using operators budget pricing if made available.
  • If budget pricing not available then agree strategy with Client to calculate a preliminary budget.

Note If this involves requesting prices from suppliers then an additional charge may be required.

  • Identify items that are sometimes  rented/leased eg linen , vehicles,   Include in budget.
  • Identify items that are unspecifed and quantified (known unknowns) eg uniforms.
  • Allow contingency for   unspecifed and unquantified items(known unknowns) Highlight in summary




Step 5  Guidance on specifications/standards/suppliers/manufacturers

  • Provide guidance on OS&E standards (where not provided by operator), suppliers and manufacturers .
  • Operator to provide documents like OSE Template Operators manual, buying guides, preferred supplier list, safety standards manual and green standards which will be incorporated where necessary in Masterlists .


  • Identify OS&E  brand standards ie
  1. Mandatory(fixed) brands & spec  eg single ikon brand like alarm clock  or multibrand like Hairdryer
  2. Fixed spec (preferred/optional supplier)  eg bedding from Liddell
  3. Minimum spec (optional supplier) .  eg kitchen utensils from Alliance , Restofair





  • Where appropriate confirm the following relating to OS&E( confirm at tender stage)

Does it conform to safety and local standards eg fire, electrical, health, food, hygiene?

Does it conform to international hotel standards?

Does it (and the manufacturer) conform to green standards. (to be confirmed  at tender stage)

Ensure products are durable, easy to use and maintain


  • Uniforms

Prepare   uniform budget quantities  only.  Final uniforms  requirements will be by  GM and departmental managers with input from ID


  • Identify Items that require local consumables/local support?


  • Identify Items that  Interface with other items eg

with other OS&E eg plates/trolleys, linen etc

with equipment in other scopes eg linen /beds, mini bar /cabinet, chafing dishes /buffets

with building eg trolleys in lifts, vacuum cleaners and flooring, safes and floor loading.

with external services eg refuse lorries etc


  • Identify OS&E where further input is required from:

Interior Designer (ID) eg for  equipment which is visible to the public and where there is a choice of colours or finish

Financial controller(FC)

General Contractor(GC)

eg Electrical Equipment where electrical power connections are required, installation should be co-ordinated with project manager.  Electrical items to be compatible with local electricity supply and conform to local electrical standards. Electrical equipment requires appropriate electrical power connections, (sockets, cables & plugs). For safes floor loading weights to be considered

  • General Manager (GM)
  • Hotel Operations (HO)


  • Identify OS&E where further input is required at a later date eg

Side of door for hinges( left/right ) for guestroom minibar and safes

Colour and finish

To match chosen bathroom accessories line

Check if included in other packages eg FF&E, bathroom contract package,  electrical contract, kitchen contract,  to identify possible  double or nil counting

Corporate Standard

Male – female mix


Step 6  Samples        

  • Identify products for which samples are required for approval by Operator.
  • Provide Client with details of alternative reputable suppliers which will provide qual quality and save money for owner.
  • Client arranges  samples and  coordinates  table top review and model room.

Step 7 . Preparation of schedules(time) .

  • Over view of time for processes (budget, bidding/tender, orders, production, shipment delivery installation).
  • Purchase order schedule of priorities eg high value long lead time goods first.


  • Product codes only provided if on Operators OS&E Template.
  • For sections where products specs unknown (eg uniforms)  a generic list with quantities  will be provided.
  • A generic picture and short generic spec will be provided  for high  total value items. Eh hairdryer
  • Generic descriptions will be provided for those   items  where  technological advances are continual  eg photocopiers.
  • Remarks column will highlight  those products:
  • where coefficients are not yet  quantifiable and will be done at tender stage  eg shelving.
  • where standards/regulations (eg fire, electrical ) may  vary from country to country.
  • that relate to other products eg  bed linen dimensions
  • where final selection will depend on other factors eg: local hotel operational needs, ID requirements , project manager’s needs, floor loading or  local agent /local services.






  • Fee based on 3 month duration .
  • R Dunn will provide a preliminary OSE list after one month and then final list after review by Operator
  • Fee subject to final agreement of scope of work.
  • Payment by  bank draft.
  • Payment within 7 days of invoice date
  • If the client wishes to extend the scope the Consultant reserves the right to adjust the fees on a rate per day
  • Reimbursable expenses will be charged in addition to the above fees.
  • Any translation services (if required) must be agreed with Client and paid in advance.
  • Any changes to contract or scope of purchases must be agreed by both parties in writing in advance.
  • Any additional chargeable work must be agreed in writing, in advance, with the Client.
  • The following expenses will be reimbursed by the Client to the Consultant if incurred as a direct result of this letter – travelling expenses (in advance), accommodation(in advance), meals, freight/courier costs, and printing and stationary costs for any documents exceeding twenty pages.
  • Any other reimbursable costs must be agreed in writing in advance. Class or travel, quality of hotel, etc, will be the same as that enjoyed by an equivalent employee of the Client.



  • The reports , prepared  by the Consultant (ROBERT M Dunn) will be reviewed by  the operator and all reasonable precaution will be  taken by Robert Dunn  to ensure the accuracy of the  information. However ROBERT M Dunn does not assume any responsibility for inaccuracies, errors or omissions that may be contained in the report.
  • The lists  will be   a guideline only  .
  • In no event will the Consultant (Robert M Dunn) be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from a product defect, supplier failure or omission in any document.
  • The information provided by Robert M Dunn can never lead to rights or claims against him. Neither can they be committed or engaged by publication or distribution of any data.



Fee:  Total        fixed fee  UKP


Payment Schedule

  • Two  payments    payment within 7 days.


NAME OF CLIENT ________________       SIGNED_________________          DATE:___________________



NAME OF CONSULTANT  Robert DUNN  SIGNED__________________     DATE_________________

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