Information for Suppliers                   

A strong supportive international supplier network is key to the successful completion of  hotel projects.

Suppliers for hotel projects are selected through the pretender and tender process.  Normally 3 suppliers are included in the tender process for high value packages. The best offers are selected by the Buyer (e.g. Client, owner).  Final orders are placed by the Buyer direct with suppliers ie contracts (including payment)  are between the  Buyer and the Supplier.

My preferred supplier list including manufacturers and other specialists  has been built up over thirty years of working on international projects.  Supplier references include some of the most successful international hotel operators.

My Online Showcase of Product Ideas presents some of these preferred suppliers.


Selection Criteria for Suppliers and Manufacturers.

My   network of international   pre qualified and trusted suppliers   provide high-quality, cost competitive products and services. 

New Prospective suppliers should complete my pretender questionairee.

The selection criteria include the following:  

  • Provide high-quality, cost competitive products.
  • Provide reliable  flexible services.
  • Financially secure.
  • Must have international quality control processes in place
  • Must have good references and a successful  history of supply.
  • Many have an international network providing centrally negotiated prices.
  • Most conform to third party certification eg ISO standards (9001 & 14001) & use western managed quality control systems.
  • Proven reliability and history of successful projects / references.
  • Green in manufacturing process in terms of water usage, energy efficiency, sustainability of materials and effect on environment.  ISO, EMAS, FSC, FISP
  • They should ensure good working conditions for their employees.


Products and Brand Criteria.

  • Many products are direct from international manufacturers.
  • Conform to operator’s brand and product standards.
  • Conform to international five star hotel standards .
  • Conform to local & national standards, codes and regulations.
  • Conform to fire, safety, health, food  and hygiene and electrical standards BS EN ISO ANSI or local equivalent.
  • Products must have appropriate certification.
  • Green in terms of water usage, energy efficiency, and recycling reusing.
  • Balance of design, functionality and durability


Online Showcase of Product Ideas  (for luxury hotel projects)

  • Through the Showcase, quality  hotel products are presented ,  to luxury hotel project Clients, including international hotel operators, designers, hotel owners and buyers..
  • The emphasis is on quality, design, environment, reliability, performance, service and safety.
  • Many of our preferred suppliers are included in the  showcase.
  • Their products are often included in the tender process for new hotel projects.
  • Prospective  Suppliers for the showcase  for luxury hotels should send their presentation to,
  • Any supplier not wishing to be showcased should advise me.
  • The Showcase presents some of best suppliers and manufacturers ( over 500) and the main products (over 1000) required for a new hotel.
  • The Showcase is not a directory of suppliers but a selection of suppliers. Many have five star hotel operators references. Some are pre-qualified.


The showcase is for general information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice.


Information for buyers.

  • Please note, that I am not a supplier but facilitate the contact  between  buyers and suppliers (introduce).
  • Due diligence should be carried out by the buyer to assess suppliers and ensure products conform to hotel and local standards  with appropriate certification.
  • The manufacturer/supplier is solely responsible for the sale of the products and observing any responsibilities  in respect to contract, information and customer rights.
  • The  contract (or order) is concluded only between the buyer(member or Client) and the supplier, should they (the buyer) choose to accept their offer
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