A.  Download , complete and return the  area questionnaire.

B.  Download , complete and return the scope of purchases. I prepare a proposal and then we agree a purchasing contract.

C. Standards and Lists.

  • I prepare  and agree the OS&E masterlists with quantities and budgets.
  • Alternatively Client sends me their own BOQS/OS&E lists.

D. Tender.

  • I advise on reliable  suppliers and five star standards.
  • I go out to tender and then  analyse the offers and present the best deals.

E. Client places the purchase orders with the suppliers.

  • Client agrees terms with suppliers, including payment terms.
  • Client pays the suppliers invoices.

F. Logistics.

  • Client is responsible for  logistics, local clearance, delivery to warehouse.

G.  Hotel receives the goods into the hotel.

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