• I offer guidance on hotel casegoods manufacturer(s)  as part of my      operating  equipment  (OS&E) procurement service.
  • In essence I introduce the Client to the casegood manufacturer(s) thus helping ensure best value for money and quality products.
  • The tender process, procurement, logistics and installation is then carried out  by the Client.
  • The furniture is manufactured according to designs supplied by the Client.
  • Procurement and logistics are by the Client.




  • Headboards (upholstered or not)
  • Wardrobes , TV units
  • Desks, Luggage units
  • Wooden free-standing units
  • Possibly curtain rods, skirting
  • Does not normally include:lights, soft ,carpet chairs, armchairs, upholstered sofas

Public Area:

  • Bars, Reception counters
  • Hot, cold buffets for restaurant
  • Free-standing wooden units, Screens
  • Architraves, Wall cladding
  • Pillar cladding
  • Benches
  • skirting
  • Does not normally include:lights, softs, carpet chairs and armchairs, upholstered sofas

Shipyard business (ferries)

  • All wooden furniture for passengers’’ cabins
  • All wooden scope for Public Area
  • Does not normally include:lights,carpet  chairs and armchairs, upholstered sofas


  • Please note, that I am not a supplier but facilitate the contact  between  buyers and suppliers (introduce).  The manufacturer/supplier is solely responsible for the sale of the products and observing any responsibilities in respect to contract, information and customer rights.   The  contract (or order) is concluded only between the buyer(member or Client) and the supplier, should they (the buyer)  choose to accept their offer.