Guidance on Hotel FF&E Specialists

As part of my service I offer guidance on FF&E  procurement agents,  supply/fitout companies and manufacturers.


FF&E procurement agents provide a fee based service to Clients. The scope of service is agreed with the Client but normally includes  tendering to three reputable  manufacturers,  as agreed with the Client and or operator, negotiating best prices, organising samples and the  model room, presenting the best proposal, placing orders with manufacturers, organising global transportation, warehousing and delivery.   Installation is  either by the selected  manufacturers or through a specialist installation company. Sometimes the main contractor will do the installation.  Often the hotel operator will recommend a short list of FF&E procurement agents.

Supply/fitout companies will provide the   Client  with  a turnkey price for the supply and installation of all the FF&E.  The FF&E  is by manufacturing partners of the supply/fitout company.  Installation is normally by   the supply/fitout company’s  own inhouse team.

Manufacturers.  If the Client has their own procurement team then they may decide  to procure the  FF&E  themselves by tendering to  reputable  manufacturers.

  • FF&E is manufactured according to design briefs supplied by Client’s designer.
  • Quantities must conform to the manufacturers’ minimum order policy.  (normally 75 guestrooms rooms minimum)
  • Manufacturers  will quote direct to the Client.
  • Negotiation of prices, due diligence and logistics is   by the Client.
  • Installation is arranged by the Client . Sometimes  the manufacturer will do this.
  • Manufacturers  are asked to pass my pre – tender qualification and conform to my policies

Typical FF&E scope

Guestroom FF&E:

  • Headboards, bed side tables, coffee tables
  • Wardrobes , TV units
  • Desks, Luggage units
  • Wooden free-standing units
  • Decorative lights
  • Carpet
  • Seating eg armchairs, upholstered sofas
  • Curtains
  • Bed covers

Public Area FF&E:

  • Furniture
  • Some counters
  • Free-standing wooden units, Screens
  • Wall cladding
  • Decorative lights
  • Carpet
  • Seating eg armchairs, upholstered sofas
  • Curtains

 The FF&E Specialist is solely responsible for the sale of the products or services and observing any responsibilities in respect to contract, information and customer rights.   The  contract (or order) is concluded only between the buyer(member or Client) and the FF&E Specialist, should they (the buyer)  choose to accept their offer. 

FF&E Specialist  that do not wish their products to be showcased to my hotel project clients, should  advise me and I will remove their name.