About Suppliers and Manufacturers.

A   network of international   pre qualified and trusted suppliers   provide high-quality, cost competitive products and services.  Criteria as follows:  

  • Provide high-quality, cost competitive products.
  • Reliable  services.
  • Financially secure.
  • International network providing centrally negotiated prices.
  • Most conform to third party certification eg ISO standards (9001 & 14001) & use western managed quality control systems.
  • Proven reliability and history of successful projects / references.
  • Green in manufacturing process in terms of water usage, energy efficiency, sustainability of materials and effect on environment.  ISO, EMAS, FSC, FISP

About Products and Brands.

  • Many products direct from international manufacturers.
  • Conform to operator’s brand and product standards.
  • Conform to international five star hotel standards.
  • Conform to local & national standards, codes and regulations.
  • Conform to fire, safety, health and hygiene and electrical standards BS EN ISO ANSI or local equivalent.
  • Green in terms of water usage, energy efficiency, and recycling reusing.
  • Balance of design, functionality and durability
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