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Signage Process

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Design & Wayfinding 11 stages (Info from my supplier. Contact me for more info about this supplier)

1 The brief What is required from supplier? What are the time and budgetary constraints?

2 Understanding the building Obtain digital plans, review the building from plan, determine the location of all main areas and the routes for visitors and staff.

3 Visit site (1) Walk the site with the operators and design team to understand the scale of the building and its layout, Take photographs and critical measurements. Discuss overall design concepts with the design team.

4 First draft schedule Establish a hierarchy of signs and relate proposals to a set of digitally marked up plans. Propose text , size and location. Highlight missing information and possible electrical /data connections.

5 Design proposals Illustrate alternative typography layout and material proposals for each sign type. Prepare preliminary budget information based on alternative specifications.

6 Visit site (2) Detailed review of proposals with design team and operators. Are the signs correctly located, does the scheme ‘work’, is the text information correct? Walk site to compare the scheme with the realities of the building.

7 Circulate revised documentation for ‘sign off’

8 Tender documentation To include schedule, marked up plans, design and manufacturing specifications and tender instructions.

9 Assist with the selection of tenderers

10 Oversee the chosen manufacturer Check layout and constructional drawings of each sign type. Review structural engineer’s calculations where appropriate. Prepare final costings

11 Attend site and complete snagging report

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