Prequalification for manufacturers, suppliers & specialists | Hotel Equipment Services | Robert Dunn

Prequalification for manufacturers, suppliers & specialists

    Pre-qualification first steps.

    I am looking for new innovative supplers and new products which comply to hotel standards.

    Manufacturers, suppliers & specialists that wish to be considered for future projects should proceed as follows:

    1. Click here to show their interest here. Your password is "supplier123"
    2. Suppliers should be able to prove:
      Financial stability (you may be asked to provide audited financial statements).
      Proven history of successful projects.
      Understanding of the luxury hotel business and practices.
      Ability to provide high-quality, cost competitive products and services.
      Acting in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, in addition to maintaining the highest standards of business ethics.
    3. If I consider that your product is of interest I will send you a supplier pre-qualification questionnaire."
    4. Read and be satisfied that you are able to conform and agree to Robert Dunn's four policies :
      Purchasing Policy.
      Ethical Policy.
      Quality Policy.
      Green Policy.
  • Terms and conditions will differ according to our Clients needs.
  • If accepted by Robert Dunn then you (the supplier) may be considered for tender purposes on a project by project basis.
  • For projects you may be asked to enter prices via my e-tendering system.
  • No undertaking is given to accept any supplier.

    It is essential that all prospective suppliers complete this exercise before they can be considered as a supplier for Robert Dunn's projects.

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