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Global Supply Network | Hotel Equipment Services | Robert Dunn

Global Supply Network

Do not underestimate the time and effort needed to successfully source overseas.

Information on Suppliers

    A strong supportive international supplier network is key to successfully completing hotel projects. Through work on many international five star projects, over a period of twenty years, I have built up a large network of such suppliers, manufacturers and specialists. They supply quality products and services, conform to international standards, provide value for money and are financially secure. They ensure good working conditions for their employees as well as manufacturing and products that are eco friendly.


  • Manufacturers mainly in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, China and India.
  • Normally for those products which are imported by Clients.
  • Most suppliers have ISO 9001 certification and ISO 14001.
  • Many are full service providers.
  • Manufacturing using Western managed quality control systems.
  • Products to highest international standards with appropriate product testing certificate from independent accredited inspection, verification, testing and certification agencies eg Bureau Veritas, Intertek, TÃœV, Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and Cotecna.
  • Manufacturers offer strict quality control 100% inspection, minimum 5 year guarantees for many products and independently verified by quality control inspectors.
  • Many have global distribution network with local logistics support and local service support.
  • Green in manufacturing process in terms of water usage, energy efficiency, sustainability of materials and effect on environment.
  • Financial stability.


  • Manufacturers must conform to my four policies- 1 Purchasing, 2 Green 3 Quality 4 Ethical. See menu.


  • Products conform to five star hotel standards.
  • Provide good quality reliable products and service and value for money.
  • Reduced risk and uncertainty as suppliers are tried and tested by me and are financially stable.
  • Project orientated service from suppliers familiar with large projects.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Balance of highly technical equipment from Europe with high volume low cost manufacturing direct from China.

Supplier Comments

  • Tried and tested on projects that I have been involved with & have a good reputation and excellent references.
  • Supplier assessment: based on reputation, visit and appraisal in terms of quality.
  • Supplier evaluation:based on track record, references, vendor rating.
  • Good before and after sales service.
  • Prompt and accurate quotes.
  • Good delivery times.
  • Ease of contact with the top man.
  • Technical Guidance.
  • Availability of samples, catalogues and stock.
  • Q/A personnel.

Full service suppliers

    Some of my suppliers are full service providers which means they :
  • Handle more than one package and manage third party suppliers, allowing a single point of contact.
  • Provide help with creative development and advice on alternatives.
  • Provide advice on new innovations.
  • Project planning, logistics, and exportation.
  • Assess and comment technically on the brief.
  • Have a value engineering mindset.

Suppliers and Manufacturers- More information