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Customised OS&E lists for your project (example)

      This is offered as a part of my pre-opening (OS&E) procurement services. In brief I generate a complete set of customised equipment(OS&E) lists on excel or (online under development). Multiple stakeholders can participate in the approval process which then allows me to start the tender process.

  • Online platform(under devlopment) is available to my partners combining the power of an online database with the mathematical versatility of an excel workbook.

  • A complete set of equipment(OS&E) lists created for each project.

  • Customised by room, facility & department.

  • Detailed generic specifications of over 7000 items, pictures, five star standards & brands.

  • Accurate quantities & budgets calculated automatically .

  • Each line item has a coefficient and formula to create the quantity.

  • Client and other stakeholders participate in the approval process.

  • I tender to pre-qualified suppliers, agreed with Client and suppliers quote on "an equivalent" basis. .

  • Over 300 pages of lists & bills of quantities.

  • Over 150 bid packages and orders for a large project.

  • Excel file backup.

  • Limitless generic room types, facilities and departments.

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