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Purchasing Policy | Hotel Equipment Services | Robert Dunn

Purchasing Policy

General Policy

    1. The products I source are of good quality, safe, durable, easy to use and maintain and offer value for money.
    2. I obtain Best Value┬Ł products through the planned and skilful management of procurement and supply chains.
    3. I source from reliable and recognised suppliers and wherever possible, I use suppliers that are often registered under ISO 9001:2000.
    4. Suppliers and manufacturer and their products must conform to my policies- Purchasing, Green, Ethical and Quality (see website).
    5. The procurement process is based upon a partnering approach in which both the buyer and the supplier seek to gain maximum mutual advantage through successful relationships and continuous improvement.
    6. I consult with hotel operations, as they are the users, to ensure that the appropriate equipment is purchased.
    7. Equipment is sourced through competitive tender unless there are good reasons to the contrary.
    8. Where appropriate I maximise purchasing power to harness economies of scale.
    9. I use local suppliers if they are competitive.
    10. I seek to develop the supplier base in order to harness economies of scale and promote the development of a partnership approach.
    11. I consider the impact on the environment and the local economy as important criteria in any procurement process providing that neither prejudices service delivery.
    12. I consider sustainability as an important criterion in any procurement providing that the availability does not prejudice service delivery.
    13. I secure equal opportunities in the procurement process as an important part of the Procurement Policy.
    14. My suppliers are kept under regular review to confirm their continued adequacy and to measure performance.

Rules and Best Practice

    1. The framework of rules for procurement are those determined by EU and UK law.
    2. The conduct standards are to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity.
    3. Wherever requested, unsuccessful applicants will be provided with the reasons why and unsuccessful bidders will be given feedback.
    4. In appointing suppliers, I will appraise all valid offers received and will seek an appropriate balance between cost and quality evaluation.
    5. In managing procurement processes it is required that: Records and procedures are set out, decisions are recorded and clear audit trails exist in order to ensure openness, propriety and probity.
    6. Resources relating to procurement will be kept under review as part of the Best Value cycle and the use of electronic and other means to reduce acquisition and transition costs will be encouraged.
    7. Payment terms are agreed between the suppliers and my client.