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What is FF&E? | Hotel Equipment Services | Robert Dunn

What is FF&E?

    Examples of typical FF&E

    FF&E is short for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment.

    In brief the term includes all fixed kitchen and laundry equipment including cold rooms and kitchen hoods, health club equipment, computers with their associated equipment and software, all loose furniture, decorative lighting, carpets, curtains and bed covers.

    It does NOT include consumable supplies such as food, drink or paper products, wall coverings, hard floor finishes, wall tiling, plumbing fixtures such as faucets, washbasins, baths or wcs, built-in millwork such as the reception desk, PABX systems and handsets, or computer cabling.

    It is strongly recommended that a copy of the Definition of Scope Document is made available to all concerned with the project at an early stage. It may be appropriate to agree an exception to the Definition because of local practice, for example in some countries carpet supply may be regarded as a part of the General Contractor’s work. What is essential is that everybody uses the same Definition; if they do not it is very likely that some items may be double or nil supplied and that this will result in additional costs and delays.

    - Casegoods
    - Chairs
    - Lighting
    - Mirrors
    - Artwork (includes corridor)
    - Fabrics/makeup
    - Carpet (includes corridor)
    - Lift lobby
    - Beds

    - Furniture (not stackable banquet which is in OSE)
    - Office furniture (see operating equipment)
    - Carpet or rugs
    - Drapes or blinds
    - Artwork
    - Internal plants
    - Internal signage
    - Chandeliers/decorative lighting

    - Receiving Area , Unbox Area, Veg Prep , Meat Prep & Fish Prep
    - Walk In Fridge & Cold Areas
    - Hot Kitchen
    - Banquetting
    - Buffet
    - Drinks
    - Room Service
    - Pantries
    - Main Kitchen Dishwash
    - Bar Equipment
    - Staff Area
    - Kitchenettes
    - Other & Connection


    - Hardware
    - Software
    - Training & Planning