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Terms, conditions and policy | Hotel Equipment Services | Robert Dunn

Terms, conditions and policy

      Robert Dunn -Terms and conditions.
    • I,am a consultant and act on behalf of the Client but am only an intermediary, and not a party to the contract between the Client and the supplier and will not have rights or obligations under it.
    • I do not accept any responsibility for any problems issues or losses , which may arise from reliance on information contained on this website and accept no responsibility for information provided. The information is provided solely as a convenience to users and at their own risk.
    • My service is adapted to Clients needs on a project by project basis.
    • My service is for new hotel projects and resorts normally with more than 50 bedrooms.

    My Philosophy and Ten Principles
    1. All supplier rebates and/or discounts are for the benefit of the client.
    2. I act in the best interests of the Client, at all times, balancing the different needs of all stakeholders.
    3. I work on behalf of the Client to ensure value for money through competitive tendering to trusted suppliers.
    4. My goal is to procure high quality, stylish and functional products that meet designers' and operators' standards as well as local code requirements.
    5. I engage in sustainable / responsible procurement (green procurement) taking into account environmental, social and ethical considerations when making a purchasing decision.
    6. The procurement process minimizes risks and ensures that goods are always to the correct quality standards, delivered on time and to within budget.
    7. I work directly with manufacturers when appropriate but am independent from all of them, offering a transparent service thus avoiding the consultant / agent conflict .
    8. Selection of the main suppliers is through competitive tendering to two or three suppliers(agreed with the Client) for each main package.
    9. Manufacturers or suppliers proposed by the owner or operator will be included in the bid process if requested.
    10. As a consultant, I respect the confidentiality of all Client information and the proprietary nature of hotel brand related information.
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