Challenges | Hotel Equipment Services | Robert Dunn


There is no time or opportunity to train a guest. If he is not already familiar with a piece of equipment then it must be intuitively obvious how to use it

Challenges-Bullet Points

Over 5000 products, from over 200 suppliers in 5 continents is a lot to coordinate and manage.

  • Has the supplier quoted for the correct product and specification?
  • Does the product conform to all standards..hotel, international, national and local ?
  • Are they quoting for the correct quantities?
  • What would be the impact on the project if a critical supplier failed?
  • How does one coordinate and inspect deliveries of at least 50 containers of equipment in a short period of time?
  • Has the supplier delivered ALL the 5000 products to the correct quality and correct quantity?
  • Are the delivered goods stored in a safe location?
  • Have all the stakeholders priorities been balanced?

  • Introduction
    Owners often concentrate their resources on the long lead time, custom made furniture and furnishings. They may under estimate the value and complexity of the off the shelf OS&E and leave it to the last minute. In doing so they risk not having the time to ensure correct quantities, quality and prices. The value of the OS&E can be as much as the guestroom FF&E, so owners must not miss the opportunity of saving hundreds of thousands of Euros, through timley negotiations.

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