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8-way Coil Suspension is the term used to describe suspension that uses coils which are tied “8-ways” to each other. This type of suspension offers great support, and a soft, comfortable, more flexible ride.
Sinuous Spring Suspension refers to “S coils” which are piecese of heavier gauge steel formed into a continuous “S” shape. The “S coils” span front to back on the seat cushion, every few inches across the entire piece, top to bottom under the back seat cushions and are attached to the frame with clips and nails. A durable suspension that provides slightly firmer support for your sofa. More often than not, most of the comfort in your sofa comes from the cushion components, and this is a great, reliable suspension.
Pocketed Coils Pocketed coils are often used inside the bottom seat cushions of upholstered sofas. These are individually pocketed coils, or “marshall” coil units. Each of the coils is encased in a specially designed fabric that is ultrasonically welded to the other coils encased within the unit. These pocket coils are used in the seat cushions to add support and enhance stability in conjunction with 8-way or S coil suspension.