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Product Standards

    The euphoria of an on time, within budget project, is short lived if the quality is bad.

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    Today products of quality begin with a balance of stylish design and functionality. The materials and construction should ensure strength and durability. Fire, health and safety standards are pivotal and are never compromised. In essence products should exceed expectations. Guests want luxury and comfort; operators insist on strict standards and quality brands; owners want value for money.
    The designer must balance all.

    Clear and unambiguous specifications facilitate
    -communications between all stakeholders
    -comparison between bids
    -brands, physical properties, generic descriptions, functional description, custom details.

    Sample Approval
    It is important that before orders are placed the purchaser is quite sure that the quality and features of the items that he is buying are appropriate for the project. Items that may be appropriate for one project may not be suitable for all. A room safe may be fine for one project but may be too wide or too deep for another. Should it be hinged on the right or the left or a mix of both? Will a bed sheet shrink when it is washed? Many of these questions should be addressed at the sample(model) room and table top review but if they have not they must be checked before goods are ordered. A perfect "golden " control sample mustbe retained for comparison with product proposals.

    Local Safety Codes
    Most countries will have regulations regarding the safety of items and materials. These concentrate on the fire and electrical characteristics although other factors may also be covered. Unfortunately there has been little progress towards standardisation of these tests and even where national tests are standardised local interpretation of regulations can differ between cities. It is important that this problem is addressed in the bidding progress and the vendors advised that supplying the relevant local certification is a part of their responsibilities and that payment will not be made until it is supplied. Local knowledge must be sought.

    Quality Products .

  • Balance stylish design with functionality.
  • Appropriate and strong materials and finish eg timbers, veneers, lacquers , upholstery, foams, fabrics & steel.
  • Solid construction eg seating frames, springs, anchorage, stitching, colour fastness
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Conform to all local and international standards for hotels eg fire and safety, strength and stability
  • Luxurious and comfortable, BMW rather than Rolls Royce.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Products should exceed expectations.
  • Products conform to the strictest criteria standards

  • Products to highest international standards with appropriate product testing certificate from independent accredited inspection, verification, testing and certification agencies eg SGS, Bureau Veritas, Intertek, TUV, Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and Cotecna.
  • Tried and tested on projects that I have been involved with and have excellent references.
  • International, national and local standards.
  • Fire, and safety standards.
  • Strength and stability standards.
  • Health and hygiene standards.
  • Food standards.
  • Electrical standards.
  • Green in terms of water usage, energy efficiency.
  • Sustainability in terms of materials and effect on environment.
  • Western managed quality control systems.

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