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Brintons Woollen Carpet Policy

Material selection Information

*Wool is the ultimate renewable resource especially when compared to the resource dependant oil based synthetic fibres.

· Wool will naturally decompose to compost if disposed of via landfill.

· Wool waste from the manufacturing process is spread onto agricultural land to improve the quality of the soil, this is because wool is a natural source of nitrogen.

· Our wool suppliers are only accredited once we have carried out tests to ensure pesticides are not present at unacceptable levels. This preventative action ensures our resultant effluent is not contaminated and can be discharged to the municipal sewage treatment plant.

· Material selection – natural backing materials Jute, a cellulose based natural fibre, is another renewable resource.

· A tufted, synthetic backed carpet will contain 3-4 times more synthetic material.

· Material selection – process chemicals Brintons monitor process auxiliaries (dyes and chemicals) and can demonstrate that all suppliers are audited against a list of environmentally unacceptable chemicals.

· Brintons will not use any product that contains substances on this list of chemicals of concern. This includes butyl tin compounds, brominated flame-retardants and formaldehyde, which are often associated with the textile industry. Once accepted, chemicals used anywhere on the company, even if only for testing purposes, must conform to COSHH regulations with each area of production.

· The local water authorities monitor the effluent, and Brintons works closely with them and the Environment Agency to ensure discharges meet consented levels.

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