Quality Policy | Hotel Equipment Services | Robert Dunn

Quality Policy

Build quality review into the flow of work and daily routine.

    Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors should be able to conform to the following:
    1. A commitment to supply high quality products in terms of excellence of design, functionality, materials and construction.
    2. Maintain position as one of the premier suppliers into the Hotel Industry.
    3. Consistently supply high quality products, conforming to all standards including fire and safety, to the required specification and on time to all its customers.
    4. Continual improve its products and quality management system.
    5. Demonstrate top management commitment to quality by clear leadership and the communication of quality objectives to all levels within the organisation.
    6. Set measurable quality objectives at all levels within the organisation.
    7. Provide adequate resource for achievement of those objectives.
    8. Provide a systems approach to controlling the interrelated processes defined in the quality systems manual and setting responsibilities for problem solving.
    9. Move forward with its partners and suppliers to the benefit of customers and other interested parties.
    10. Maintain the cost of quality at levels acceptable to the business.
    11. Monitor customer satisfaction levels and address improvement opportunities.
    12. Provide controls for periodically reviewing this quality policy and related objectives for continued suitability.
    13. Communicate effectively the foregoing quality policy to all levels of the organisation.
    14. Company quality policy should be permanently displayed on all company notice boards.
      Ethical, green/environmental policy or statement should be included.
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