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My Past Hotel Projects | Hotel Equipment Services | Robert Dunn

My Past Hotel Projects

    Procurement Services
    Viceroy, Regent Hotels, Hilton, Le Meridien, Hilton Garden Inn, Hotel du Collectionneur, Four Points, Regent Hotels, Novotel.

    Viceroy Hotels
    Dubai Palm Jumeirah (current project)

    Hotel SHEKVETILI Black Sea Resorts

    Four Points

    Marriott Hotels
    Madrid Princessa

    Regent Hotels
    Porto Montenegro Regent Procurement (OS&E)

    Hilton Garden Inn
    Ibom Tropicana

    Le Meridien - Project Examples

  • Ibom Golf Resort(Nigeria)-FF&E/OS&E Supply & Consultancy Work
  • Malta OS&E Supply and Consultancy Work
  • Kuala Lumpa OS&E Consultancy Work
  • Port Harcourt(Nigeria) OS&E Supply and Consultancy Work

  • Jumeirah Group-Project Examples

  • Messila Beach Hotel OS&E Consultancy Work (for main OS&E supplier)
  • Etihad Tower OS&E Consultancy (for main OS&E supplier)

  • Hotel du Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe

    Langham Hotels

  • London

  • Hilton Garden Inn.

  • Doha, Qatar.

  • Hilton International- Project Examples

    • Sri Lanka (Current consultant )
    • Chennai Hilton India- OSE Procuremen & FFE Support
    • Malabo Hilton Equatorial Guinea - OSE Procurement & FFE Support
    • Hilton Wangfujing Beijing
    • Hilton Namhae(S Korea) Golf Resort OS&E Consultancy Work
    • Sanya Resort and Spa Hilton OS&E Consultancy Work
    • Phuket Conrad FF&E OS&E Consultancy Work
    • Tokyo Conrad FF&E OS&E Consultancy Work
    • Algiers Supply and OS&E Consultancy Work
    • Frankfurt FF&E OS&E Supply and Consultancy Work
    • Antwerp OS&E Supply and Consultancy Work
    • Langham London FF&E OS&E Supply and Consultancy Work
    • Sandton(South Africa) OS&E Consultancy Work
    • Bucharest FF&E OS&E Supply and Consultancy Work
    • Paris CDG FF&E OS&E Supply and Consultancy work. On site coordination
    • Paris La Defence FF&E-Guestrooms only
    • Paris Champs Elysee OS&E Consultancy Work
    • Copenhagen FF&E OS&E Consultancy Work
    • Jeddah Hilton OS&E
    • Makkah Hilton OS&E

    Other projects.

    • Jury's Hotels
    • Empee Hotels India
    • Jin Mao Group-China
    • Four Points (Lagos)
    • Novotel (supply OS&E-Lagos)
    • Jumeirah Hotels
    • >

      Barnton Bar and Bistro - Scotland

    • Stirling Bistro.
    • ST Andrews Victoria Cafe.

    • Regions.

      Projects in Europe, Africa, Middle East, China and India.


      From modern hotels like Paris La Defence, to grand hotels like the Langham Hilton.


      From small simple hotels(rooms and one restaurant) to large and complex hotels with multi F&B and conference facilities.


      Resorts eg Sanya Hilton; airports with conference centers eg Roissy Paris; city hotels eg Frankfurt and Kuala Lumpa;
      Golfing locations eg Ibom Le Merdien; Spa Hotels; Presidential.

      Diverse F&B operations.

      Including all day dining, fine dining, coffee bar, lobby bars, cocktail bars, buffets, banqueting, kosher banqueting, Chinese,
      Indian, Thai, Italian, Arabic, African, Mediteranean and many more.

      Remote locations(from suppliers).

      Malabo (Equatorial Guinea), Ibom (Nigeria) and Chennai (India).

      Holy Cities.

      Jeddah, Madinah and Makkah.


      Four stars (Scandic, Four Points, Hilton Graden Inn, Marriott Courtyard);
      Five stars (Hilton, Le Meridien)
      Luxury Viceroy, Regent, Conrad